What Up With That? 'Outliers'

10/20/2009 04:02 pm 16:02:19 | Updated May 25, 2011

The New York Times rails against a proposal that will "waste money and ruin the Census."

Gary Langer digs deeper into the ABC/Post results on Iran.

Jennifer Agiesta shares follow-up interviews among ABC/Post respondents on Obama's accomplishments.

Lymari Morales explains why Gallup measures well being.

Patrick Murray finds a lot of individual level "churn" in NJ.

Ed Kilgore considers two "ceilings" in NJ.

Rob Farbman finds just enough NJ love for Corzine.

Tom Jensen thinks automated polls may be more accurate in Maine.

Nate Silver examines turnout's impact on Maine's Question 1.

Greg Sargent notes that the ABC/Post generic House ballot results look a lot like 2006 & 2008.

Ed Goeas attacks the ABC/Post poll showing increasing support for the public option.

Resurgent Republic examines the Pew Research results on health care.

The Franklin & Marshall pollsters call for better polling disclosure.

Survey Practice publishes its October issue on cell phone-only households, mail ballot registration and more.

Renard Sexton follows the Afghanistan election audit.

Patricia Cohen (NYT) examines the relevance of Political Science and Tom Coburn's effort to gut its funding (via Sides).

Henry Farrell has more on the value of Political Science.

And while I was busy, Katie Couric interviewed Frank Luntz about his new book and, yes, his focus group of Playboy Playmates (video explains my headline, among other things):