08/01/2009 01:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Why Do They All Poll in the Same Week? Also 'Outliers'

Ron Brownstein reviews Obama's receding tide. More on the latest wave of national polls from Ben Smith, Katie Connolly, Charlie Cook Matthew Cooper, DemFromCT, Ed Kilgore, Eric Kleefeld, David Paul Kuhn, Greg Sargent and Michael Scherer.

Peter Hart conducts a focus group in Towson, MD; first-hand accounts from Dan Balz, Gloria Borger, John Dickerson, Mark Murray, Susan Page and Mark Shields.

Nagourney and Thee-Brenan see "a nation torn by conflicting impulses and confusion," prompting responses from Mickey Kaus, Isaac Chotiner and Steven Benen.

Gallup rounds up health care and finds seniors more skeptical of reform.

Conor Clarke responds to defenses of polling by John Sides, Ed Kilgore and me, Sides answers.

Jon Cohen and Gary Langer consider whether Obama's comments on the Gates arrest hurt his image.

Eric Kleefeld asks about the Ramussen Presidential Approval Index.

Byron York sees parallels between the approval numbers of Bush and Obama.

Larry Elder prefers to look at likely voters.

Ben Smith offers two ways to read the SUSA Virginia poll; Tom Jensen has more.

Jim Geraghty reports someone is polling on replacing Corzine with Booker.

Glen Bolger and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner analyze the poll they conducted for NPR (more from Bolger here).

Whit Ayres responds to Mark Mellman on health care polling.

Ruy Teixiera assesses the improving image of the U.S. (via Democratic Strategist).

Mark Penn wants Democrats to end class warfare.

Bob Moran shares findings from a survey on economic discontent.

Bill Pascoe questions the racial composition of a PPP poll in Louisiana; Ann Selzer responds.

Research Rants assesses a Zogby innovation.