08/01/2007 12:07 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Wilner: An NBC/WSJ Divorce?

Former NBC News political director Elizabeth Wilner devotes
her Politico column to the state of
media polling. She leads with this unhappy speculation about the NBC/Wall


Hanging in the balance of Rupert
Murdoch's courtship of Dow Jones is the fate of one of the stalwart franchises
in public opinion research on American politics and policy.

Competition being what it is, it's hard to imagine that a Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal would
be allowed to continue its nearly 20-year polling partnership with NBC News.
Particularly when that partnership benefits business news channel CNBC, which
Murdoch hopes to crush with a new, Journal-powered Fox business network.

The prospect of what Wilner later describes as a potential "NBC/Journal
divorce" is a sad one for those of us who value the best in political
surveys. Here is hoping that Murdoch lets this partnership continue.

Wilner has more on the way the news media covers polls. Read it all.

Update (Dept. of Unintended Irony): As it happens, the latest NBC/WSJ poll is out this morning (sub. req.), and shows Hillary Clinton widening her lead among Democrats, leading Barack Obama 43% to 22%, with John Edwards in third and other Democrats "in single digits." More details later.

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