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Man Run Over While Stopping to Smell the Roses

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The last few seconds of Hubert's life

HIXSON, Tenn. - People who rush through life without noticing or enjoying the beauty around them are often encouraged to...


Some don't have to be encouraged, though. They have a natural inclination to live fully in the moment and cherish everything they encounter.


Just living fully in the moment

Chris Hubert, 32, was one such man. No matter how busy or late he was, Hubert never passed a flower without stopping to admire its color and form, inhale its fragrance, admire how the sunlight enhanced its features. "We don't spend nearly enough time appreciating all the wonderful things that surround us," Hubert would tell his friends and family. And so it was the other day, when Hubert was driving to his graphic designer job and noticed several red rose bushes in perfect bloom at the side of the road. According to Hixson police officer Ted Dawkins, "What we believe happened is that Mr. Hubert pulled his vehicle over to the side of the road, got out and went to examine the roses. Another driver either didn't see him or couldn't stop fast enough, and plowed into Mr. Hubert, killing him instantly. Unfortunately, it was a hit and run, but we're interviewing a few eye-witnesses and hope to be able to ID the vehicle very soon."

Hubert's funeral wreath

Hubert's best friend, Patrice, is taking this very hard. "Only three weeks before Chris was killed, my husband, Don, died from a heart attack immediately after waking up and smelling the coffee."


Patrice's husband just prior to the tragedy