Bizarre Physical Oddity: Man's Eyes Are Larger Than His Stomach

07/03/2012 06:13 pm ET | Updated Sep 02, 2012

FAYETTEVILLE, W. Va. -- Dennis Rowan prides himself on working for one of the few remaining candy companies in the country where every piece of candy is hand-made. "Sure they cost a little more," admitted Rowan, "but they look better, taste better, and they're made with love." Rowan is Sweet Treat Candy Company's Quality Control Supervisor whose job it is to make sure every piece of candy is the proper weight, has the correct ingredients, and offers the perfect taste, texture, color and consistency. While many people might consider this their dream job, Rowan is well aware of its drawbacks. "After 17 years here, I just have no desire at all to eat any candy ever again. And because the job is so visual, I've developed a somewhat unusual condition with my eyes."

Rowan's eyes have grown larger each year so that they are currently over 12" round -- larger than the human stomach! "Maybe 'cause I'm not eating the candies, they're not making my stomach bigger -- but since I am looking at them constantly, they're making my eyes bigger," Rowan theorizes. "Some friends and relatives are urging me to have a doctor check them out, but I hate going to the doctors. Besides, the larger they get, the easier it is for me to do a more thorough job with the candies -- plus, my wife says it's a turn-on. And she should know -- she's got a bigger heart than almost anyone. At least that's what her doctor told her." Rowan's 12" eyes have only presented him with one real problem: "It's really challenging finding properly fitting contact lenses."