News the Media Missed This Week!

01/09/2010 03:19 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The media does a pretty good job covering the major news stories. Sometimes, however, they miss some. My mission? To search for the most interesting stories not covered by traditional news outlets -- and present them to you. Here, then, are this week's news items the media missed -- presented in quick & easy, photo & caption format -- perfect for today's busy professional -- and for you! Enjoy!

2010-01-09-aircrashfuneral_wideweb__430x279.jpg Town reacts to news of its library being renamed George W. Bush Central Library

2010-01-09-artsgraphics2008_1183921a.jpg Girl again fails to sneak by U.S. Customs inspectors

2010-01-09-warrior_alien_ref_l.jpg Company apologizes for its malfunctioning insect spray

2010-01-09-camotoilet.jpg Military Products Expo wows visiting generals

2010-01-09-super_squirrel.jpg Brave squirrel saves New York City

2010-01-09-amish_people.jpg Amish Mafia leaders meet at secret location

2010-01-09-zzzzzz2ls.jpg Elephant potties a big success throughout Africa

2010-01-09-squarewatermelons_medium.jpg U.S. uncovers Korean plot to reshape world's fruit

2010-01-09-AmericanGladiators001.jpg International Shakespeare Study Society updates its image

2010-01-09-popetexts.jpg Pope receives surprise phone call from Mick Jagger during Vatican service