03/21/2011 07:57 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Woman Marries Just to Get Gas for Her Car

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STURGIS, Mississippi - Back in high school, Earle Scuber couldn't get a date to save his life. "I was kind of a geek, real shy, and not much to look at, as you can still plainly see. No girl wanted to be seen even talking to me." These days, Scuber is happily married to Tonya Rose, his high school's former head cheerleader and prom queen.

The stunningly beautiful, slender and sexy Rose explains candidly how she came to be married to Scuber. "Since my first two divorces, things have been very tough for me and my two daughters, financially. We were barely making ends meet. And the price of gas lately was just about ruining me. Earle owns a gas station. We got to talkin' and he said if I married him, I could have free gas for the rest of my life. I started lookin' at Earle in a whole new light. One thing led to another and voila, here I am - Mrs. Earle Scuber."

Scuber has made his peace with the fact that it wasn't love that motivated Rose to marry him. "I'm just thrilled to have such a beautiful wife. I love her daughters, too. And I hope that maybe one day, Tonya will come to love me, too, once she gets to know me better. Toward that end, Scuber is planning on taking Rose on a first-class, romantic trip around the world. "And it's not costing me a thing - I'm giving the travel agent free gas!"