08/06/2013 05:45 pm ET Updated Oct 06, 2013

Deborah Harry, Parker Posey Attend Miss Guy's NYC Listening Party

Deborah Harry, the 68-year-old lead singer of the musical group Blondie, made an attention-getting appearance recently at a listening party in New York City, to celebrate a new music video an music single in which she performs with Miss Guy, the ex-Toilet Boys frontman and DJ who is gaining a following among the alternative and queer music scene.

Miss Guy first teamed up with Debbie Harry on "Charm Alarm," a single he wrote for and performed with her -- and the new single, "God Save New York," is equally lively, blending a low-budget, post-punk rock vibe with a sense of humor that is visible in each performers' skillfully made-up face. The single is from the EP of the same name.

A smiling Parker Posey also joined the two for several photo opportunities at the listening party, which took place at Sacred Gallery, a tattoo parlor and art gallery near Chinatown.

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