The Michael Jackson Lesson

09/01/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Hollywood is a porcelain skin over a pockmarked landscape of shattered dreams and when a tsunamic wave of pus from old and new wounds surges no medications on earth can prevent the utter destruction it wreaks.

The lesson to me is to resist the temptation to be seduced by immediate gratification and miss the chance for lasting satisfaction, by excitement and miss out on joy, by intensity and miss out on intimacy and by what's interesting to miss out on what's important.

To counter this a close friend of mine, Lee Ryan, Managing Partner of Ryan Miller & Associates, suggests you take 15 minutes every couple months, pause and look at your personal life, career, health, friends and family and ask yourself: "Am I on track with where I want to be in all of these?" If not, make the adjustments to get on track.

Lee says that it is amazing how many people can go for years or even longer without ever doing this and therefore without the chance for ending up living the life they want to live.

What lessons do you take from the life and death of MJ?

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