Update: The Farm After Three Years

10/25/2011 06:02 pm 18:02:03 | Updated Dec 25, 2011

Three years ago I visited Northwest Arkansas for the first time on the very first American Road Trip. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would influence people to do anything but lock their doors when I walked by, but somehow my visit was the catalyst that started THE Farm. Here is the post I did on The Farm when I visited last year. The Farm is also featured in @home documentary you can watch here.

Farm families

Thanks to the generous heart of Mike Rusch I was able to visit this year and attended The Farm's Fall Harvest Party. It's actually hard to imagine me even being on a farm in Arkansas much less having played a part of any farm's creation.

Mike is one of my heroes. What he has done with Cobblestone Project is amazing. The Farm is only one of their initiatives. Also started the same night I visited three years ago is the "Our Step" program that partners with local homeless services to fill in the gaps of the 'safety net' and get families out of homelessness. Mike told me they have now helped SEVEN families get into housing. That is AWESOME! Meet Don, the first single dad housed because of and the Our Step program here.

I think what makes this farm so special is how it creates community. The Farm had over one thousand unique volunteers this year, and most love it because they can bring their children.

Tonight there was a moment where I sat on a bale of hay (Sorry, Mike did try to get a photo) and was just in awe of what God has done with my life and But more importantly, I am grateful for all of you that have loved on me and supported over the last three years. It's because of your support that miracles like The Farm even happen. THANK YOU!