Alaska Airlines Update: Don't Check In Anything You Value

11/06/2005 07:24 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Well, it's apparently official: Alaska Airlines has lost my computer. It looks as though it was an inside job. I pestered them enough that they finally admitted that they have an internal investigation going on and some employees that they suspect have been pilfering items from checked in luggage. Insurance has replaced my computer and everything is good so long as I don't try to remember what was in my computer that I had failed to back up. So far all I can think of are 3,000 missing words of my next book. There's probably a lot more, but ignorance is bliss. I'm still begging my devout friends to keep praying that it will still be found in some pawn shop somewhere. But so far no such luck (or providence).

Bottom line: between the TSA and renegade airline employees, nothing in checked in luggage is safe.