07/10/2010 03:08 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

An Offer Bono Can't Refuse?

Pavel Sfera, the world's foremost Bono-Double, is making an offer that the real Bono may just want to take him up on: Since Bono is laid up with a back injury and unable to tour, Pavel is offering U2 a chance to let the money machine roll on without their star singer by allowing Bono to get some much needed R&R while Pavel temporarily takes over all frontman duties for the band

I first met Pavel when he spoofed an encounter between Bono and my artist, Molly Jenson when her debut album was released last year. You can see it here. Pavel was so good that we had people coming up to us while we were shooting on a Beverly Hills sidewalk thinking he was the real deal.

My favorite Pavel story though was when he told me of the time a guy flew him out to Miami, paid him $2,500 to have dinner with he and his girlfriend, never telling her that they weren't actually having dinner with Bono. Apparently she never found out-until now perhaps.

Anyway, Pavel makes his impassioned pitch to Bono here. Hey, if it worked for Journey and that Filipino guy, why not for Pavel and U2?