10/08/2015 08:22 am ET Updated Oct 08, 2015

Is Abortion Turning Blue States Red?

I just came across this piece from the L.A. Times on attitudes toward abortion among the next generation. The fact that UCLA's incoming freshman survey is finding that students are increasingly anti-abortion used to puzzle me until I saw this interesting piece last year in the Wall Street Journal

Another Journal reporter weighed in last week with this piece .

I'm no demographer, but if there's a grain of truth to this stuff it can't be good for the Democratic party. As if losing the votes of millions of culturally moderate to conservative Democrats and independents wasn't enough, according to this data millions of future Democratic voters aren't making it past the second trimester in higher numbers than their Republican counterparts.

What else has to happen before Democrats throw this issue out the window and get back to winning elections?

If I were Howard Dean I'd do more than have the party platform go neutral on this subject. I'd offer each Democratic couple that brings a child to term a check for $500.

Otherwise, if these WSJ guys are right, in about 50 years there aren't going to be any blue states left.