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John McCain's Shocker

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When I wrote this piece yesterday analyzing McCain's VP prospects, I purposely didn't pick Sarah Palin because I didn't think in a million years that McCain would pick her. I was wrong and this is a choice that should send shivers up the Obama campaign's spine and here's what it tells us about John McCain: He's a high-stakes poker player who knows this is his last shot at the presidency and decided not to play it safe with a Romney, Pawlenty, Huckabee or any other safe, white male candidate.

My four daughters aged 2-7 may not understand or know much about Sarah Palin's views on the issues of the day, but what they do understand is that she is a woman and that there has never been a female president or vice president in American history. Even as I write, they are lined up on our sofa savoring this sisterhood moment.

This is a game-changing moment. I didn't think McCain had it in him. I was clearly wrong.

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