Michael Levine Releases Guerilla P.R. 2.0

09/03/2008 12:19 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

My pal Michael Levine has just released "Guerilla P.R. 2.0," a book that's not quite new, but rather an updated version of his classic '80's tome, Guerilla P.R." I have my copy and I would urge anybody who is in the business of communicating to pick up a copy as well.

I met Michael in '96 or so when I was hosting a talk show and he was repping what seemed like every star in Hollywood. I deal with PR guys all the time, but Michael's own story was so compelling that after I interviewed his client Chuck Heston, I decided to turn the camera on him and recorded an episode with him to talk about his various books.

We became fast friends and would talk from time to time. One day somewhere around 1997 he called me up and asked me what I thought of the internet and whether I thought it was here to stay. "Uh, yeah, hello!" I think I replied. Michael wasn't so sure. He thought it might be a passing fad. I promised him it wasn't. I think my assurances worked, because a couple of years later he released "Guerilla P.R Wired."

All of which points to the fact that Michael is extremely smart and takes new information in and pivots quickly, something essential for anybody in the PR business. My career has been influenced in countless ways by Michael and his body of work and this latest book is another winner for him and I strongly recommend it.