Newsweek's Dumb Idea

06/07/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

One of the things I like the most about America is that our Founding Fathers had such a clear understanding of human nature, which is to say they didn't trust it and set up a system of government with lots of checks and balances precisely because they didn't fully trust each other or future generations of Americans.

All I can say about Jerry Adler is that I'm glad he wasn't a part of the formation of our country. He's written this piece for Newsweek arguing for a national system for the medical records of all Americans that is stunning in its naivete.

No, Mr. Adler, we like the screwed up system we have, because it ensures that to the greatest extent possible our medical records are kept disjointed, disorganized and therefore, private.

On this issue, liberals and conservatives should be in agreement: A liberal wouldn't have trusted Dick Cheney with access to his or her private medical records during the Bush administration and a conservative would likely not trust Barack Obama with theirs.

Just as good fences make good neighbors, so a healthy understanding of human nature and the depravity of man will keep dumb proposals like Mr. Adler's from gaining traction.