Oprah's Jay-Z Moment

10/25/2009 01:40 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Obviously aware of the likely objections of millions of her middle-class-suburban-housewife viewers, the other day Oprah very carefully introduced her guest Jay-Z by saying: "Whatever your thoughts are about rap or Jay-Z, after this show, I'm sure you'll agree: he is unquestionably impressive and really, really, really, such a sweet guy. He just released his CD The Blueprint 3. Come On Out Jay-Z!"

I haven't listened to Blueprint 3 yet but I did a quick Google search to find out just how "really, really, really" sweet Jay-Z is these days and came across a religious site called "Plugged In," which didn't seem to share Oprah's assessment of Jay-Z's latest:

F-words and s-words abound, as does Jay-Z's ongoing fondness for the n-word and other profanities...We hear passing references to using and/or selling drugs on "Thank You," "Young Forever" and "Empire State of Mind." The latter...disses church too ("Jesus can't save you/Life starts when the church ends").... Crude references to the male anatomy can be heard on three tracks, and at least five songs include sexual allusions and/or graphic descriptions of women's bodies and particular sex acts.

Predictably, some of Oprah's aforementioned fans are outraged: "There's nothing "staggering" about how this guy became famous," wrote one. "His impact on a culture that is already SICK and is getting SICKER through his help, nonetheless, is disgusting. His rise to fame IS off female hate, N word, egomania and violence. LISTEN to the lyrics, people and not just the "beat""

You can read the rest of O's viewer comments here.

Way to class it up, Ms. Winfrey.