01/18/2009 11:39 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Rick Warren's Prayer

So, Rick Warren is going to use the name of Jesus in his prayer, and his prayer may not reflect the views of all Americans. So what?

Obama's speech probably won't reflect the views of McCain voters, and the prayer of Bishop Eugene Robinson, the nation's first openly gay Episcopal Bishop may not reflect the views of many Americans either. That's what makes America great. Everybody gets to speak their minds and not worry about about having to perfectly reflect the views of people who disagree with them.

I hope Bishop Robinson follows Warren's lead and prays the way he wants to and not the way others want him to, and in a manner that is reflective of his views and not the views of those he may disagree with. Why should any of us be in the business of telling ministers, or any American, how to practice their religion or what to say to their God?