03/04/2013 04:54 pm ET Updated May 04, 2013

The Myth of Urgency

We live in an age where information, demands, and choices are more plentiful than ever. This rush of possibility gives us the illusion that we can do anything without limit. With this rush of possibility and the illusion of no limits comes a relentless urgency to do it all. This poem comes from the ground of Oneness that waits under all urgency.

The Myth of Urgency

Everyone wants you to quietly be Atlas,
to shoulder it all. Even the voice in your
head insists you are behind. But I've seen
the light in you, the one the gods finger
while we sleep. I've seen the blossom open
in your heart, no matter what remains to
be done. There are never enough hours
to satisfy the minions of want. So close
your eyes and lean into the Oneness that
asks nothing of you. When the calls stack,
answer to no one, though you receive them
all. Just open your beautiful hands, born with
nothing in them. You have never been more
complete than in this incomplete moment.

A Question to Walk With: Put one urgency you are feeling down and go for a walk. See what waits, when you can enter a single moment without any expectation. Describe what happens to a friend.

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