08/11/2011 02:06 pm ET Updated Oct 09, 2011

Why the President Must Lose to Win

I, for one, think the what's happening in England is a preview of what's going to be happening here. You can't ask millions of your citizens who grew up with one set of expectations about the future to adjust to a new set of far lower expectations without some major repercussions. I remain amazed at how few pundits are predicting this kind of unrest in the United States. It strikes me as inevitable.

For all I know, if I was Obama, given the choices as they were presented to me in the Oval Office, I might have made the same political decisions he made. What's done is done. But clearly, different strategies are called for because the current approach has resulted in the Tea Party holding the Republican party by the balls, and the Republican Party holding the president by the balls. At least he has balls to be held, the Democratic party -- with a few exceptions -- seem to be the party of eunuchs.

The president seems to be taking a more combative tone, and I am glad for it, if not optimistic. I think he must hammer, hammer, hammer for a jobs programs, and if he loses to the Republicans on its passage, he will be guaranteed to win the election and substantial majorities in Congress. My fear is that he is so committed to get something done that he compromises on a bill that doesn't raise taxes or produce many jobs. He needs to insist on getting the bill he wants or no bill at all. We haven't seen that willingness to lose on principle from the president, and it is essential to the success of his presidency. Call it a lose/win situation.

Given the prodigiously toxic effects of increasing income inequality, the only hope for the future of this country is a complete repeal of the Bush tax cuts at the end of next year. For the Republicans to believe the president will not compromise on the repeal, they have to have seem him refuse to compromise on something else. I understand that they had a gun to his head on the debt ceiling. On a jobs bills, he can hold a gun to their head. Give Americans jobs, or you will all lose yours in November.