08/29/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Celeb Weeklies: Jessica Simpson Steals Spotlight from the Gosselins

Jessica Simpson takes home two celebrity weekly covers. That's one more than the Gosselin drama! Looks like America is finally getting sick and tired of the Gosselins!

Kim Kardashian's breakup, a Saved by the Bell reunion, and a wedding package round out the six big celebrity weeklies!

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Let's take a closer look.


Jessica Simpson covers OK! Magazine (full disclosure: I consult for OK!). Why does she make the cover? She's lost 10LBS in 10 Days - and now you can learn how she did it. But this story goes beyond a simple diet story. It's all about Jessica getting back on top of her game. With Tony, she appeared to have gained quite a bit of weight. Check out the before photo. Well - it looks like she is well on her way to wearing a bikini and reminding Tony AND Nick why they fell in love with her in the first place.

More Jessica Simpson news! Us Weekly reveals Tony Romo's Romo's other woman. Tony apparently sent flirty texts to a younger, skinnier blonde (SLAP!) while he was with Jessica Simpson. Making matters worse for Jessica Simpson? Even Nick Lachey is dating a young blonde, who Us Weekly is calling a "Jess look alike."

People shocks me this week! Why? Because there is a "Saved By the Bell" Reunion story on its cover! That's crazy. Isn't it? (Seems like a TV Guide cover at best!) Ahh - but it does bring back memories. Can you believe it's been 20 years?


In other news, poor Kim Kardashian's heartbreak is on the cover of Life & Style. (full disclosure: I'm the former L&S EIC) She strategically announced her break-up on Monday - the day all the celebrity weeklies close their issues and landed a full-cover! Score! Like her starlet predecessors, e.g. Paris Hilton, Kim knows how to shrewdly work the celebrity weekly press. Life & Style is also banking on its audience being emotionally supportive of Kim during this very trying time and appears to believe readers will care about this under-the-radar relationship.

Next up is Star Magazine. From Star's tabloid reporter to its cover star, Kate Major has arrived! I have a few things to say about this - and it won't be pretty. This is one of the most pathetic, sad, ridiculous stories of the century. For those of you that missed the past week of events - here's a quick recap.

Kate Major, reporter at Star Magazine, takes Jon Gosselin out to dinner on a Saturday Night - she falls for him - she claims they're dating - he denies it - she gets fired - he feels bad she got fired - couple spends time in the Hamptons with Michael Lohan (you can't make this up!) and now...they are on the cover of Star Magazine.

Finally, InTouch releases a wedding package. Why? It's summer. It's wedding time. And, celebrity weekly readers traditionally love to read about weddings. Those could be some of the reasons why InTouch went with this wedding package. But, are you excited about the weddings of Penelope Cruz, Rachel Bilson and Anne Hathaway?!? I highly doubt it!

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