07/12/2010 02:58 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Lebron's New Nickname

As if his nickname wasn't already ridiculous enough, Lebron James went ahead and abandoned his kingdom and any right he ever had to call himself a King.

For seven years we wondered what James considered to be his kingdom. He certainly wasn't the king of the NBA, as his ringless fingers show. Perhaps he was the king of the regular season with his back-to-back MVP trophies? Or maybe the king of marketing ploys of which there were many that played upon his royalty status?

The only kingdom James could truly lay claim to was Ohio, the place where he was born and rose to prominence in, and it's pretty obvious the peasants in his fiefdom are ready to chop off his head and crown a new king.

By mere definition James cannot be the King of the Miami Heat; for there can be only one king and if anyone in Miami deserves that title it is Wade, who has already won a NBA championship and a finals MVP in Miami.

So that leaves James in need of a new nickname - one that is given to him by the fans like all deserving nicknames should be.

Throw away possibilities like 'The Egotist' and 'The Salesman' which are born from bitter resentment and will fade over time as we forget the debacle that was the summer of 2010. Let us also forgo monikers like 'The Champ' and 'The Showman' since we already crowned him with a flattering nickname once and he didn't follow through.

This nickname James is going to have to earn.

Did Michael Jordan ever refer to himself as Air Jordan? Not once. In the golden age of kings and queens, did we ever witness the king of Spain relocate to another country because he thought it gave him a better chance at expanding his empire? No, because truly great kings expand their empire for the benefit of their native people. Even Kobe Bryant, who gave himself the 'Black Mamba' sobriquet, doesn't refer to himself as the mamba.

Say what you will about James and his decision - positive or negative - the only thing we know for sure is that he has left his kingdom and therefore surrendered his crown. Please Lebron, you've already got 'chosen 1' tattooed in big block letters across your back (which should be 'chosen 3' at this point), change your twitter handle, you are no longer the king of Akron and you know it.

This summer you're just Lebron James; nothing more, nothing less. Until you can prove otherwise.