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MoveOn calls for talks with Iran: If you agree, vote with your pen

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Following the report of the Iraq Study Group, which called for the U.S. to engage in diplomacy with Iran and Syria, sent an alert asking for folks to write letters to the editor supporting the call for diplomacy with Iran and Syria:

The alert says:
"The Iraq Study Group has opened up the opportunity for a new diplomatic effort in the Middle East. Now we need to show broad public support for diplomacy. Can you write a letter to the editor?"

MoveOn is right to urge folks to use this opportunity to clamor for talks with Iran and Syria. Although the members of the Iraq Study Group were easily able to achieve consensus on this commonsense proposal, it is vigorously opposed not only by President Bush but also by "hawks" in Congress like John McCain.
Moreover, MoveOn's decision to make this appeal is noteworthy. In the past, some have criticized MoveOn for not doing more to agitate for ending the Iraq war and for preventing war with Iran, especially the latter. In response, some associated with MoveOn have said that they respond to what their members are interested in and recent appeals for action on ending the Iraq War and preventing war with Iran have not generated much response.

So we have two good reasons for responding to the MoveOn appeal: it's worthy in its own right and it will encourage MoveOn to do more on these issues in the future:

Robert Naiman
Just Foreign Policy