Support McCain? Palin's Facebook Fans Go Ballistic

03/29/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

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Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin posted a letter to supporters on her Facebook page last week announcing her intention to actively campaign for Republican candidates during this election year. She named three candidates in particular: Texas Governor Rick Perry, Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachman, and Arizona Senator John McCain. Palin's post received over 2,500 comments, almost all in support for her campaigning for Perry and Bachman.

Not so John McCain.

Palin began her Facebook post by expressing breathless excitement over the election of Scott Brown. Few people commented on that. Instead almost all comments focused on McCain, and most were not complimentary.

Many complained about his views on immigration. "He wants to open our borders," said one.

Some suggested McCain should consider stepping aside: "Maybe," said one comment, "as his friend, you should ask Sen. McCain to retire and lend his support to a younger candidate with conservative ideals."

Another got right to the point. "McCain needs to retire."

Many of those who left comments viewed Palin's stumping for McCain as more than just a political disagreement. Their tone suggested it would be a personal betrayal.

"I'm disappointed in you," said one.

"What a shame," lamented another commenter, "I had huge hopes for you."

Another wrote: "You support John McCain???? You just lost my support ... I believed you to be the People's hope ... good to find out now."

"Gov. Palin," pleaded another, "please do not go the way of the liberal. McCain is not a common sense conservative ... I do not trust him, please don't prove yourself to be another politician."

One person warned the former governor that "supporting McCain is the kiss of death," adding "she's either not what she claims, or her values aren't as strong as I thought they were."

Still another stated that if Palin backed McCain, "I will lost a great deal of respect for you if you were to help him try to get re-elected. SORRY."

Some spoke to Palin like she was their friend: "Why are you endorsing him, Sarah? I like you, but on this, I must question your motives."

Another woman wrote, "Sarah, forget McCain."

Still another said: "McCain? Are you kidding me? Time to pick a side, Sarah-are you with the people, or against them?"

Still another says, "Sarah, it was fun, but now you are done."

One comment summed up the overwhelming sentiment of Palin's Facebook fans: "Looking back over all previous comments left here, it's very reassuring to see NOT ONE comment left in support of McCain. Mrs. Palin, with all respect, that should tell you where OUR priorities lay."