08/02/2013 06:23 pm ET | Updated Sep 29, 2013

AGENDA: Key Snaps From The LBC!

 photo AgendaVWSurfBoardsOfficial_zpseebed756.jpg

AGENDA's surf board (above) prop station.

From 10 years ago, once started in the humble beginnings of a small Long Beach Thai Restaurant, to now hosting over 600 brands in the Long Beach Convention Center last week, this summer's 2-day AGENDA event put a stamp on being one of today's premier fashion trade shows domestically in the USA. Iconic record labels such as Delicious Vinyl had a brand, Lil' Wayne's TRUKFIT represented, Beats By Dre had a lounge (open bar included) and even for music icon Bob Marley, you had to listen. Still on hand too, were other new brands such as UNYFORME or CRCL-R, tagging themselves as "another brand from Los Angeles"! And the creative agencies such as ADBD as well as ABC Brands were all on hand too, acting as those silent forces behind brands you may know like, Crooks & Castles for instance. So much to learn and to take in from this year's LBC show.

 photo DeliciousVinyl_zps15fd7891.jpg

Delicious Vinyl (above) display caps and vinyl. Even cassettes were given out.

Its expansiveness, acute organization and the enthusiasm from the buyers, booth & brand reps and all those invited to attend, was nothing short of overwhelming. Imagine trying to categorize, far less remember new and upcoming brands, in this show's HUGE range of casual, street, sport, surf and skateboard fashions. Again, overwhelming to say the least. But there's a benefit of over saturation. Well, that's considering you're not a sucker (aka "follow-fashion" savvy) for what's already trending. However, if you're quick to sift out from the mundane, predictable or what's already been bitten, you'll be amazed at what really stands out as superior. And that doesn't necessarily mean you have to know of the brand. So with music being my passion, a great taste in anything being my profession, let's scope the over-600 brands over two days. I'm already so thirsty!

 photo eyecandycerveza_zps51d2711a.jpg

Some of the show's creative props (above).

Attention to detail, forseeing a trend for the future or simply having an "eye" for a 2-day event of this nature and magnitude was my ammunition. The arsenal? A brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 awaiting new pics to be taken. Walking the alphabetical lanes surrounded on either side by brands galore, and in close proximity to each other? Not a task, a luxury. Not being an exibitor, competitor nor a buyer? Skepticism was at a minimum. In other words, I wasn't profiled in any competitive or negative way - except for that assinine Adidas rep - but that's a different story. You know, fashion could be cut-throat. It's a fine line between color n' shape! Pretend this is your escape from all that tension and mess. A visual guide in style. Mentally paying close attention to the artistic presentations, the creativity behind products, the color patterns and even the social or humane relevance behind a brand, had fueled these snaps shown (also described) BELOW!

 photo MilkCrate_zpsd98f9cfa.jpg

Music producer Aaron LaCrate (above) w/his
Milkcrate Beats By Dre headphones
"Life's A Bitch" cap.

 photo LeroyJenkins_zpsf6f4bafb.jpg

Leroy Jenkins Ltd (above) one of, if not the 1st street brand to rep florals for men.

 photo BRIMS_zps3bd0a63b.jpg

Brimskins (above), a company out of Orlando specializing in just making multiple-patterned brim skins so you'll never get tired of your old cap(s)!

 photo OBEY_zps6d2c974d.jpg

Shepard Fairey's (above) Obey Clothing line was actually outdone by their 2-day booth that more resembled a permanent boutique store.

 photo Rastaclat_zps96918c83.jpg

Rastaclat (above) reinvent lacings into chic accessories!

 photo Waimea_zps96fa87e9.jpg

Just looking at this style from
Waimea Clothing (above) makes me want a vacation. On an island of course.

 photo OnitsukaTiger_zpsea21c4d2.jpg

Rrrarrrr Rrrarrr like a Onitsuka Tiger (above)! The name may be hard to pronounce, but their classic street style is easy to admire.

 photo Diadora_zps108c2288.jpg

Diadora (above): "don't call it a come back!"

 photo AdidasWomen_zpsfac4c6a8.jpg

Adidas (above) was amongst the few huge corporate brands wagging its big tail, barking for attention w/HOT femme items like this.

 photo SkateMental_zps768a587b.jpg

Skate Mental (above) had eye-catching art for the skating heads...

 photo Sk8Mafia_zpsb9e1b238.jpg

And w/that skate posse, Sk8 Mafia (above) wasn't to be undone, either.

 photo Melin_zpsb449d165.jpg

Simple? Try $5000 for this
diamond-studded Melin (above) cap. Ouch!

 photo Sha-lom_zps65c426a0.jpg

Caps - of every imaginable pattern - was definitely a constant, seen here (above) as part of the Santa Cruz-based, Sha-lom Cultural Peace Project.

 photo Canvas_zps0f50b2f7.jpg

That's artist Persue1 AKA Bunny Kitty working 'round the clock customizing kicks for Project Canvas!

 photo Marley_zps50edb553.jpg

House Of Marley (above) kept a "natural
mystic" theme 'round dem headphones.

 photo LSTN_zpsc712ff52.jpg

But competition, as in LSTN (above) - another company specializing in headphones - was never far away.

 photo GoodWood_zps5112bdec.jpg

The use of wood - especially w/Brooklyn's Good Wood (above) - seemed to be a popular reoccurring theme for many products.

 photo STRGHT_zpsd1db7720.jpg

What's wood!
STRGHT (above) hand-carved skateboards...

 photo Denik1_zps94de7d96.jpg

Some booths - like Denik (above + below) - very much
resembled art galleries w/live drawings + more

 photo Denik2_zps5931b1f7.jpg

 photo BeatsByDrePigeonStaple_zps781887b9.jpg

Beats By Dré (above) displayed their very NYC
Staple Pigeon Design.

 photo Stance-Santi_zpsa2add9dd.jpg

Santigold designs her own socks
now, via
Stance (above) on display.

 photo GoldBlooded_zpsa466ca13.jpg

DJ Babychino - was rocking
Flat Fitty gear, pimped by his dad of course.

 photo GrencoScience_zpsf650c0a8.jpg

I needed a full explanation on how this - Grenco Science (above + below)
product worked. And I still don't get it!

 photo GrencoScience2_zps1b2513b3.jpg

 photo UnknownUnion1_zps996e01ec.jpg

Double trouble! (above + below)
South African brand Unknown Union.

 photo UnknownUnion2_zps421c3fd0.jpg

 photo Indosole_zpsb6cae56a.jpg

Hop on Indosole's boat (above).
Their shoe's soles are made from tires!

 photo BikePileUp_zps4d138743.jpg

AGENDA sure was a pile of fun. Good night!