Films for Your Soul: If You Want to See Change, Change What You See (WATCH)

07/10/2012 07:46 am ET | Updated Sep 09, 2012

Everywhere I turn these days, I see people fighting. Fighting to save the whales, fighting against breast cancer, fighting the war on drugs, fight... fight... fight. I am in awe of the passion and dedication so many people have to stand up against that which is wrong. However, I am also saddened by the endless fighting. To see the darkness getting so much attention while the bright and beautiful goes unseen and unappreciated feels so tragic to me. It reminds me of families that are so caught up in the bad behavior of one child that the good behavior of the other child goes unnoticed. Experts in child psychology will tell you it is unwise and counterproductive to give all the attention to bad behavior and yet, this is exactly what we all seem to be doing as we focus only on "the fight."

So I would like to propose a new way of moving forward in our quest for the healing of our wounded bodies, minds, souls and planet. Instead of fighting against everything that is wrong, perhaps we can shift our focus to everything that is right and give this our attention. If we turn our attention away from the naughty child, so to speak, and turn our attention to the good, will we begin to see a change for the better take hold? There is a single mother who is lovingly caring for her children, alone and struggling. She needs our attention. There is an artist who is creating beautiful and healing works of art, who goes unappreciated. He needs our attention. And even in the midst of endless fighting, the earth still gives us glorious sunsets to soothe our souls. She needs our attention. Do you see them, these magnificent examples of that which is right? They and they alone are the hope for our future. They and they alone deserve our attention.

Everything we feel, think or act upon is the result of what we see. Our world is defined by what we see from the moment we are born. So what exactly are we seeing? To what are we giving our attention? What do we see in our minds and hearts? Do we see visions of an apocalyptic future filled with zombies? Or do we see a future filled with happy, healthy families and a planet restored to its original and pristine splendor? If we are to save our souls, our lives and the life of every living creature on this magnificent planet, we must turn our attention to that which is beautiful, good, healing, compassionate and right. We must see it to be it. In other words, if you want to see change, change what you see.

Take a moment to remember the exquisite beauty that awaits you in the ancient sequoias of California with this three-minute excerpt from the film Echoes of Creation. To enhance your viewing experience: Find a quiet moment to fully immerse yourself without interruption. Expand to "full screen," HD 720p and use quality speakers or stereo headphones. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. Can we see change by changing what we see?

"Beauty is here... and you are here. Do you remember?" -- Jan Nickman, Echoes of Creation

"Deep Beauty" is an excerpt from the film Echoes of Creation by Emmy award-winning director Jan Nickman, featuring music by Grammy-nominated composer David Arkenstone and spoken word by Karen Hutton. A year in the making, it is part of a revolutionary new Wellness Experience™ film series that turns your TV, computer or mobile device into a virtual wellness center at the push of a button -- the "play" button. Each week, here in the GPS for the Soul section, I will share another excerpt from Echoes of Creation and it's companion film Sacred Earth, two of the Wellness Experience™ films that health and wellness experts are calling "a transcendent healing experience."

The full version of Echoes of Creation is designed for repeated play for years of enjoyment and is available as a streaming rental or download-to-own. The DVD and Blu-ray disc versions are also available at Sacred Earth Pictures and offer a "With or Without Spoken Word" option, Special Features and an optional '"Continuous Play" loop setting.

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