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Marta Segal Block
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Marta Segal Block is a writer, editor and content marketing consultant. She has written about weddings, family life, and education for some of the most respected websites. You can find her on Twitter @MartasAdvice and on Facebook.

Entries by Marta Segal Block

Techie Wedding Trends for 2016 and Beyond

(3) Comments | Posted December 15, 2015 | 3:35 AM

For the past few years technology has been at the top of every wedding trends list. But what those lists mean by "technology" has gotten a little old: hashtags, charging stations, that cool thing Disney does with the movie on the cake ... Hardly the stuff of fairytales for most...

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Marrying High Tech and Low Tech at Your Wedding

(0) Comments | Posted November 16, 2015 | 12:40 AM

Advice books often warn people of different religions or cultural backgrounds to think carefully about all the potential issues before getting married. But another difference, one that can potentially doom a good relationship, often gets overlooked ... those who love technology and those who do not.

Let's face it Hanukkah...

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Do You Hate Your Wedding Registry?

(5) Comments | Posted September 11, 2015 | 1:50 PM

Before you were engaged you probably thought that registering for gifts was going to be great. But most nearlywed and newlywed couples will tell you, registering can be surprisingly stressful. After a while, many couples even come to hate the whole idea of the registry.

For one thing, unless you're...

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The Hidden Surprises of Wedding Photography

(1) Comments | Posted July 25, 2015 | 5:12 PM


I have three favorite photos from my wedding. The first is of my husband and me kissing and being photographed by our wedding photographer. The picture was taken by our photographer's assistant. I love it because it's not only a great picture of...

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Will Photo Sharing Change the Wedding Industry

(1) Comments | Posted June 22, 2015 | 3:12 PM


I often say that I'm glad I got married before I knew anything about weddings and that I hope I stop working with weddings long before my kids get married.

I got married in 2002 having only looked at a handful of wedding...

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Weddings and the Sharing Economy

(2) Comments | Posted November 19, 2014 | 5:29 PM

If you're between the ages of 18 and 31 (in other words, a millennial) you most likely participate in the sharing economy. Maybe you use Air BnB to find a place to stay on vacation, maybe you take Lyft or Uber instead of a taxi, and maybe you do your...

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6 New Ways to Use Pinterest for Wedding Planning

(0) Comments | Posted August 19, 2014 | 5:36 PM

It's hard to believe that just two years ago I wrote an article about this exciting new idea for wedding planning ... Pinterest! In a recent survey GigMasters discovered that 99 percent of all couples now use Pinterest to help plan their wedding.

It's great to use Pinterest...

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Are You Failing Your Business

(3) Comments | Posted June 24, 2014 | 10:27 AM

"I used to be one of the top three wedding music providers in __ metropolitan area. The economy has devastated my business. In past years I might book 40 weddings a year, now a handful. I had a connection with ___ University that was very helpful, but that all changed...

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How I Learned to Love City Hall Weddings

(0) Comments | Posted April 2, 2014 | 5:55 PM

Frequently when I write about weddings I'll say something like, "Whether it's just the two of you at City Hall or 300 of your closest friends, your wedding can ..."

In my professional writing I've always been a little condescending about the idea of a City Hall wedding. I talk...

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Your Wedding Is Not Unique (and That's a Good Thing)

(39) Comments | Posted May 20, 2013 | 10:25 AM

It's one of the most popular topics for a wedding blog post, "How to Have a Unique Wedding," "Five Unique Options for Your Cake (or flowers, or bridesmaids' dresses)." There are websites devoted to the idea of helping people find ideas for their "unique" and "different" weddings and...

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Why I Hate 'The Matrix as Retold By Some Guy's Mom'

(0) Comments | Posted May 7, 2013 | 3:37 PM

You've probably seen it. The video of some guy's mother trying to explain the story line of The Matrix. As a movie lover, I get it. It's funny because she has no idea what she's talking about, she gets the names wrong, she wonders if Keanu might be...

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Mother's Day Lessons for Small Businesses

(0) Comments | Posted May 3, 2013 | 5:58 PM

Groupon recently conducted a survey of Mother's Day shoppers and moms. Among the findings were:

  • 51 percent of shoppers wait until a week before the holiday to shop for Mother's Day presents.
  • Most mothers want to be surprised by their present, and
  • Moms would rather get...
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Controversies in Wedding Scheduling

(0) Comments | Posted May 1, 2013 | 1:51 PM

A friend of mine once sent a pre-Save the Date email letting people know the basic plans for his wedding, since it involved travel. He received a reply "Really, a Sunday? Saturday would be much more convenient for me and a lot of other people." That guest's actual Save the...

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Is St. Patrick's Day the New Halloween?

(1) Comments | Posted March 13, 2013 | 5:57 PM

"Mommy, how come the leprechaun doesn't visit our house?"

"I'm sorry, what leprechaun?"

"You know, for St. Patrick's Day. At school today, the leprechaun came and made a big mess and left green footprints everywhere. He goes to people's houses too and leaves footprints and gifts."

Before I even...

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The Most Pervasive Wedding Myth

(67) Comments | Posted March 2, 2013 | 11:12 AM

In my writing about weddings I've seen a lot of wedding myths swirling around out there. The most dangerous is probably that the wedding is "the bride's day" or even "the couple's day." It isn't. It's the bride or couple's event, but the day actually belongs to the...

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In Defense of Hallmark Holidays

(0) Comments | Posted February 14, 2013 | 12:19 PM

This Valentine's Day, my kids woke up to find that I had decorated the table with heart-shaped confetti and bought heart-shaped donuts for breakfast. Both kids had a card, a small stuffed animal and a box of chocolates sitting at their places. My husband and I had cards...

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What I Learned about Weddings from My Parents' 50th Anniversary

(91) Comments | Posted February 4, 2013 | 1:08 AM

My parents recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. After much debate about the best way to honor it, they decided to host a party in a restaurant owned by a family friend. I was asked to give the toast. Despite the fact that I work with

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How Elvis Will Spend His Birthday

(0) Comments | Posted January 8, 2013 | 9:53 AM

Elvis died over 30 years ago but today, on his birthday, The King will be alive and well.

Obviously birthday celebrations will happen all week at Graceland, Elvis's Memphis home. But, Elvis is big business throughout the country. In 2012, almost 1,000 people booked Elvis impersonators through

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You Are Not Having the Royal Baby!

(1) Comments | Posted December 20, 2012 | 4:04 PM

Can you imagine being a pregnant celebrity? Would you like to have your not-so-flat stomach constantly analyzed for a bump? What about having your 9 month outfits reviewed by fashion experts? Think about how much judgement new moms feel over things like natural childbirth vs. c-sections. Can you imagine having...

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Don't Judge the Marriage by the Wedding

(38) Comments | Posted November 19, 2012 | 12:49 AM

There's this couple I heard about. You won't believe their wedding plans. For starters, you should know that they're young, early 20s. The bride wants a big, fancy, wedding at this expensive hotel. She wants the groom to wear a top hat and tails and her veil is like 10...

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