Drudge Drops Obama Bombshell!

11/27/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

This is the huge headline on the Drudge Report as of 9am EDT on Monday October 27th 2008


You click and you link to a YouTube clip titled "Obama Bombshell Redistribution of Wealth Audio Uncovered". The clip consists of some audio -- with misleading extracts of text -- to a 2001 Chicago public radio interview with a very studious Barack Obama in law professor mode discussing the limitations of the court and his belief that the legislative process is the appropriate way to pursue economic justice. (Which if memory serves -- accords with the conservative preference to eliminate judges who legislate from the bench.)

This clip isn't as boring as watching paint dry. It's more boring. It's like watching paint period.

The phrase "Clutching At Straws" does not do justice to this very limp attempt by Drudge to erect something he can put up against Barack Obama. Alas -- as Drudge is all too aware -- it just won't stand up any more.

The impotence of Drudge's attempts to get something to stick to Obama brings to mind the English expression "Brewer's Droop." Though perhaps in deference to his colossal lack of achievement in this field -- the phrase should be re-coined "Brewer's Drudge."

Apparently linking to this "bombshell" is the best that Drudge has been able to come up with so far. Though I'm sure he'll be plucking more things out of his arse (to be quaintly British) as we get ever closer to the end of the conservative reign of terror and error that he did so much to help usher in with his pioneering work in the field of internet muck-raking.

Meanwhile, in related news -- I am able to share with you this new scan of Matt Drudge's brain.


Inside of Matthew Nathan Drudge's brain courtesy Dr. Felcher -- Miami-Dade County Hospital