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Fox News Gives E.D. Hill A "Terrorist Fist Jab"... Out The Door!

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Fox News Channel's E.D. Hill shopping for a new job...

Poor Edith. (Yes E.D. Hill's real first names are "EDITH ANN" No wonder she tried to add some spice and intrigue to her bland blondeness by calling herself "E.D.")

She served her Fox News puppet-masters faithfully for 10 long years. Blithely sniping, sneering, smearing anyone to the left of Genghis Khan. Through the hyped-up Clinton "scandal," the belittling of Al Gore, Joe Lieberman (until she was told that Joe was now a "good guy" for Fox), John Kerry, Max Cleland, Paul Wellstone, Hillary Clinton and of course Barack Obama.

Of course she served her Fox puppeteers a little too well in the middle of June this year when she characterized Barack and Michelle Obama's celebratory salute as a "terrorist fist jab" and was forced to apologize. (Her apology had all the sincerity of one of Chris Matthews' apologies when he is caught allowing his venal Clinton hatred to spill down his pants.)

But what has that loyalty to the Fox-Republican-Conservative-Neanderthal cause bought E.D. Hill?

Nothing. Nada. Zip.

She has been dumped by Fox News which just decided not to renew her contract.

"I smeared every Democrat, progressive and liberal in America for ten years and all I got for it was this lousy pink slip?!"

Yup sorry E.D. -- you're over the Hill.

At the age of 47 you've served your purpose. You've been used by Roger Ailes & Co to be the token blonde hate-spewer.

Now there are dozens more blonde hate-spewers being cranked out of the Fox News laboratories. Presumably cloned from a piece of Ann Coulter's DNA. (Possibly her brain cell).

Each one more blonde, more superficially attractive in that vacuous, faux model way. And more clueless. Stepford Conservatives -- programmed to go off at Democrats, liberals and progressives.

Fox even gave her their classic disingenuous goodbye:

Fox News Channel Senior Vice President of Programming -- Bill Shine: "We chose not to renew E.D.'s latest contract. Hill has been a valued contributor to the success of FNC over the years, and we wish her all the best."

Yeah right! "All the best" What?!

Edith has every right to be mad at them after being dumped for newer, younger dummies.

Poor E.D. Hill. It's almost as if she has been tarred and boxed up -- ready for retirement.

Which is perhaps apt for someone born as EDITH ANN TARBOX.

(She got the "Hill" part from her third husband -- one "Joe Hill".)

This would be a salutary warning for any of the other E.D. Hill lookalikes being churned out of the Fox labs -- but alas they are not programmed to think for themselves.

So they too can look forward to being given a "Terrorist Fist Jab" - out of Fox News when their usefulness (or youthful looks) are deemed over the Hill.