03/02/2008 09:41 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Fuhrman's Choice: Why Democrats Should Vote For Obama

Mark Fuhrman
- Who Does He Hate More? (or "MAW") Black men? Or Women?

"Don't make me choose. I can't choose..." - Meryl Streep's title-character in the 1982 film "Sophie's Choice"

Roiling in the undertow of this election -- largely unspoken in polite circles -- yet constantly in the consciousness of a large percentage of the American electorate -- is a simple dilemma.

And -- indirectly -- it affects how Democrats who wish their party to win the White House in November should vote in the Primaries.

In William Styron's 1979 novel Sophie's Choice -- the title character (memorably portrayed by Meryl Streep in Alan J. Pakula's 1982 screen adaptation) is forced to choose between two utterly unbearable choices -- both of which will cause her inconsolable grief.

Consider then the dilemma for Mark Fuhrman -- and the tens of millions of unrepentant Mark Fuhrmans in this nation. They are Angry White Men. Racist. And misogynist. Two foul prejudices for the price of one. Perhaps the best value in hatred in America today...

Who would they rather NOT see in the White House.

A black man? Or a woman?

And based on who they would rather NOT see -- Democrats should perhaps vote accordingly.

Mark Fuhrman is recalled by most -- except those at Fox News Channel who for some reason insist on aiding and abetting him in his constant attempts at image rehabilitation -- as a flagrant racist. Despite having denied using the "N" word in the preceding ten years, audio-tape evidence was produced at the first OJ Simpson murder trial of him bragging about beating black men (he always called them "niggers") and multiple usages of the "N" word.

Perhaps less remembered was the evidence that proved unequivocally that he was a member of a secret organization within the LAPD with the sweet acronym "MAW" -- Men Against Women. Men who were proud to proclaim how much they hated women. (Except of course as sexualized objects.)

Yes -- like a very large number of American men under the veneer -- Mark Fuhrman was also a flaming, unrepentant misogynist.

And as much as he despised black men -- he hated women even more. Especially women in a position of power. The scorn he felt was specifically against women in the LAPD. Women who had the temerity to be his equal or (God forbid) his superior.

Such a tough "Sophie's Choice" for Mark Fuhrman -- and millions more Angry White Men in the USA. Who do you hate MORE?

Who would you hate MORE in the presidency?

A black man? Or a woman?

Black men stir deep feelings of sexual inadequacy in racist white men. Especially black men who are overtly African-American in their looks, style and manner.

But as much as they fear and hate black men -- there is something that they fear and hate even MORE. And that is women. Especially women with their own minds and voices.

It would take a slew of Sigmund Freuds to explain the reasons for the attitudes of such men.

The evidence of the past few months suggests to me that the deeply ingrained misogynism of many white men in this nation is even more pronounced than their equally repugnant racism.

(And that doesn't even address the self-loathing and self-doubt of many women.)

Faced with an extraordinarily talented African-American man -- who presents himself with the elan of a dapper, young Colin Powell and with none of the stereotypical imagery associated (in the fearful minds of racists) with the Angry Black Man -- or a woman who expresses herself forcefully and sometimes with anger -- I think those Angry White Men would find a female President even more untenable than a black president.

Barack Obama might be a black man - or more accurately half Africoid and half Caucasian - (from his Kansas-born white mother who's given first name was Stanley no less) - but worst case scenario - he is still a MALE. And THAT is a gender that Angry White Men can comprehend.

Hillary Clinton might be white -- but she is indubitably a WOMAN.

Angry White Men may sub-consciously fear being bested by black Men sexually. But even more than that -- they sub-consciously fear being castrated by a Woman.

So -- when it comes to what is more likely to stir the passions of those Angry White Men to vote AGAINST the Democratic candidate for President in November -- I think it is highly possible that a Hillary Clinton candidacy might inflame them even more than a Barack Obama candidacy.

A safe, polite, nicely-presented man with an African father -- as unpalatable as that might be to racist white Men -- is less intolerable than a strong woman.

Very few of those Angry White Men will be tempted to vote FOR Obama over McCain. But I suspect that they would be LESS moved to vote against OBAMA than they would be to vote against the ultimate terror -- A FEMALE PRESIDENT.

If Obama won the election -- those Angry White Men would then have to face four years of a president identical to every president since America started electing them in 1789 -- a man. And having an identical mother to them -- a Caucasian woman. His primary visual difference to them? He had an African father.

But if Hillary Clinton won the election -- those Angry White Men would have to face four years of a presidency that would be truly revolutionary. And even more anathema to them. A WOMAN.

And for an Angry White Man -- that is Change You Can GRIEVE In.

It is far more appalling a prospect to that large disturbed constituency than the urbane, dapper, politely respectful Obama.

Especially a Metrosexual man who is preaching "Kumbaya" and the intention of confronting those opposed to him with a smile and conciliatory Rodney King-like "can we all get along?" talk.

So -- much to the bafflement of scores of HuffPo readers who have consistently challenged my repeated declaration that my primary agenda is the well-being of the Democratic Party - and have accused me of being anti-Obama and/or pro-Clinton (even though my biggest concern is with the ADD qualities of Obama's fair-weather new supporters) - I am close to reaching a conclusion that underscores the veracity of my long-stated support for the Democratic Party above all.

It is a conclusion that has NOTHING to do with the merits of Obama or Clinton as candidates or prospective presidents.

It is a conclusion that has EVERYTHING to do with the deficiencies and iimmaturities of many of the citizens of this still-growing, young nation.

(To those who wonder: I love this nation very much. Sometimes love means having to tell it like it is. The fact that there are a large number of White Men with Neanderthal attitudes towards race and gender doesn't lessen my love for this country.)

So -- my feeling at present is that the November election could be decided by a bunch of real MFs.

Legions of Mark Furhmans - A Million (Angry White) Men March in all 50 states. On the march against women.

Unless of course women rise up in the next 48 hours -- aware of what is at stake...

That John Lennon and Yoko Ono really were correct when they said -- with the full support of the Chairman/Co-Founder of the Black Congressional Caucus - Rep. Ron Dellums*** - WOMAN IS THE NIGGER OF THE WORLD.

*** Not that any of them know or care - but it would undoubtedly bewilder many of the 'lefter-than-thou' Hillary-haters on the far left of the Democratic Party - that Ron Dellums - the first openly-declared SOCIALIST elected to Congress since World War II and the first African-American Congressman from Northern California -- who is now Mayor of Oakland -- has heartily endorsed Hillary Clinton. But what does a black socialist age 72 know? Probably nothing....