Help! New York Times Desperately Seeking Beatles Expert...

05/09/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Martin Lewis British-born, Hollywood-based humorist, commentator, producer and radio host

"Moreover, the group's first seven albums (through 'Revolver') include only about 25 minutes of music." - Allan Kozinn - New York Times - April 8, 2009


The Beatles signal their reaction to Kozinn's latest gaffe. Photo: Robert Freeman. © Apple Corps

Actual Running Times Of The Beatles' First Seven Albums

• #1 "Please Please Me" - 32:46

• #2 "With The Beatles" - 33.24

• #3 "A Hard Day's Night" - 30:30

• #4 "Beatles For Sale" - 34:13

• #5 "Help!" - 34:21

• #6 "Rubber Soul" - 35:48

• #7 "Revolver" - 34:59

Total running time of the Beatles' first seven albums: 236 minutes

Total running time of the Beatles' first seven albums according to Allan Kozinn (self-styled Beatles expert of the New York Times): approx: 175 minutes

Number of minutes of Beatles recordings that have apparently eluded Allan Kozinn: 61 minutes

After 32 long years of Allan Kozinn being the New York Times' self-appointed resident Beatles expert (including 18 years on staff), the New York Times is finally seeking a Beatles expert who is actually knowledgeable about the Beatles. And/or someone who can do basic math.

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Please cite your favorite examples of Kozinn bloviating about the Beatles. (Limit: 27 items)