10/04/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Is Joe Lieberman The Grinch?

Like the scheming Green Guy with the wide smile who was shunned by the people of Whoville for his bewildering badness, Joseph Lieberman has made a villain of himself by helping pull McCain's candidacy uphill and hesitating not at all to piss off Democrats and Independents and crossing the aisle over to the Republicans as this election progresses. Slamming Obama is an about face from just two years ago when Joe sang Barack's praises. One has to ask whom else he'd turn on?

Unlike the fictional CindyLou Who, we have the real Cindy McCain and doesn't she remind us all of Home (eight or so), Mom and apple pie? Sarah Palen, Alaska's version of a fish gutting, Moose hunting, gun slinging Annie Oakley will be the attack sled dog for John McCain. Her energy policy will be Drill, Drill, and Drill! All endangered species including ourselves should be very afraid. She is no Laura Bush or Nancy Reagan. She'd be the V.P. and only a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Will she continue to take orders from the Karl Roves who pen her speeches? Palin will hop onto the sled for the final rush down the November mountainside and gee, who wouldn't, before anyone can gasp a collective breath and say, "Sarah Who Who?"

Why did Connecticut vote for Joseph Lieberman? Let me explain. Going back to 2006, most CT Democrats did not vote for him, although he was given the CT state party nomination that spring. Ned Lemont challenged Lieberman in the August 2006 primary. When it appeared that Ned may pull it off, Joe garnered the required number of signatures and filed as an Independent to remain on the Nov. 06 ballot. Joe's ace in the hand, the Republicans, who blew off their own candidate come Election Day. The GOP save set the stage for the transition that led to Tuesday night's speech in St. Paul, where old Joe espoused Palin's virtues, shamelessly shilling for the GOP ticket to gullible Democrats and Independents.

Lieberman's spotlight dimmed after the 2000 Presidential Election. Joe hitched onto McCain's wagon last year and once again bathed in the spotlight as a potential VP candidate and close confident.

With that Grinchy grin, pandering to his new BFF's, his time in the limelight is fading as Sarah assumes the position next to John. Joe may have to look further for his next staring role; maybe they will cast him for Grinch II!