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Mary Buffett

Mary Buffett is a best-selling author, international speaker, entrepreneur, political and environmental activist. She advocates self-empowerment through financial investment for women.

Ms. Buffett’s first book Buffettology was an immediate New York Times, Business Week and USA Today best-seller. With David Clark she has co-authored 8 books over the last 17 years. The Buffettology Workbook in 2001 was followed by The New Buffettology in 2002. In 2006, she published The Tao of Warren Buffett which made the Business Week and Wall Street Journal best-seller lists. Her subsequent 2008 book, Warren Buffett and The Interpretation of Financial Statements was another New York Times and Amazon best-seller. Additionally it made Barron’s pick of the 6 best books of the year. Warren Buffett’s Management Secrets was published in 2009 becoming a best-seller for Amazon and Business Week. Warren Buffett and the Art of Stock Arbitrage in 2010 also made the best-seller lists for Business Week and Wall St Journal. Their eighth book Warren Buffett’s Stock Portfolio was released in December 2011.

Scribner, a division of Simon and Schuster, Inc. publishes all of their books, which have been translated worldwide into over 17 languages including Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

Ms. Buffett regularly speaks on television and radio as a finance expert. She has appeared several times on CNN Business News, CNN National News and CNN International News segments. She has been a guest on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Power Lunch with Bill Griffith, Bloomberg News, Fox Business News, MSNBC’s Headliners and Legends, KTLA News as well as frequent appearances on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) News. In addition, she is regularly featured on numerous syndicated financial radio shows and local financial television networks. She recently toured China with many media appearances, most notably on CCTV.

Ms. Buffett has agreed to become a contributing writer for The Huffington Post where she was recently featured in an article by Lori Sokol:

In October of 2012, Ms. Buffett was a featured guest on Good Day New Yorksharing financial tips and discussing the ongoing job crisis in America.

In September of 2012, Ms. Buffett was the keynote speaker at two International conferences: The 2012 Asian Value Investing Forum in Singapore and the Omantel Forum in Oman.

In Singapore, Mary’s Host organization was Value Investing Academy along with sponsors Phillip Capital, DWS Investments, and Deutche Bank. Her lectures includestock picking strategies and the time tested method of value investing. The conference was part of the 2012 Phillip Investment Festival.

Mary Buffett at the 2012 Phillip Investment Festival in Singapore, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and backstage with fellow speaker, former U.S. Secretary of State, General Colin Powell.

At the Omantel Forum, part of the Omantel Business Alliance, she addressed top-level finance professionals from Oman’s corporate sector, speaking about “Global Trends and Financial Investment Strategy”. Omantel is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the region.

That same month, she was also interviewed for The Wall Street Journal for a story on Mutual Funds which was published on November 5th. Previously, Ms. Buffett was a keynote speaker on behalf of The Wall Street Journal at the New York Xpo for Business at the Javits Center in New York City in 2009.

In the spring of 2012, Ms. Buffett was the keynote speaker at the 40th Anniversary General Assembly of the Pan American Surety Association in Antigua, Guatemala.Expanding on the foundation of value investing in her eight bestselling books, Ms. Buffett discussed critical economic issues including, The European Debt Crisis, US – Latin American Trade, Global Capital Market Interdependency.

In 2012, Ms. Buffett made several appearances throughout the U.S. as a featured Guest Speaker around the country discussing finance doing appearances with Bill Cosby, former First Lady Laura Bush, former Secretary of State General Colin Powell, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani and other prominent figures filling arenas around the country as part of the Get Motivated seminar series.

In the past year, to coincide with the release of her latest book, The Warren Buffett Stock Portfolio, Ms. Buffett was the subject of major stories in The Financial Times, Investor’s Chronicle, The Huffington Post and other national and international publications. She recently appeared on CBS This Morning, Bloomberg Television News' In The Loop with Betty Liu. She also discussed President Obama’s State of the Union speech on KTLA News in Los Angeles.

Ms. Buffett taught Business and Finance at several California State Universities, including UCLA. She currently serves on the Corporate Board of the Environmental Media Association, which puts social messaging into film, television and other media and products. She is also an advisor to Greenstar, which installs solar-powered community centers in remote villages in the developing world. She sits on the Board of The America China Bridge, bringing business, and art exchanges between the world’s largest economies

Ms. Buffett has also worked as a freelance consultant to a number of Fortune 500 companies. She consulted for AOL Time Warner’s Rhino Records division on their business plan and corporate structure. Her key recommendations included repositioning of existing intellectual property and expansion through acquisitions. As a headhunter and consultant to the billion-dollar advertising agency GSD&M Austin, Texas, Ms. Buffett identified and recruited top talent for the agency.

Prior to her work in the financial and consulting fields, Ms. Buffett worked for Columbia Records in the music publishing division before becoming Professional Manager at Playboy Music/After Dark working for Hugh Hefner. In 1981, Ms. Buffett co-founded her own music post-production company, Independent Sound, providing music for commercials and contributing to the 1990 Academy Award® Best Picture winner Dances with Wolves.

Mary was Managing Director of Narada Records, a MCA-affiliated label. In 1992, Ms. Buffett co-founded Superior Assembly Editing Co., Inc., a highly successful editorial house. She worked with over 100 of the music industry’s biggest stars including Madonna, Michael Jackson, Don Henley, Paula Abdul, Eminem and many more. The company won numerous MTV Awards as well as an Emmy. At the same time, Ms. Buffett’s company worked with acclaimed film director David Fincher editing The Game, Fight Club and Panic Room and worked extensively with such notable film directors as Michael (Transformers) Bay, Dominic (Swordfish) Senna and Zack (300) Snyder.

Her continued advocacy of women’s issues is shown by her featured role in the upcoming documentary Femme, focusing on successful international women making a difference in society. She is the proud mother of three successful children and lives in California.

For more information on the work and life of Mary Buffett, go to: For personal appearances, contact: Simon & Schuster Speakers Bureau at: (USA) 1-866-248-3049 or go to: or

For additional press information or to request an interview, contact James Grant, President, JGPR, Matt Flynn, Marcus Cammack or Carolyn Gitomer at or (917) 626-1300.

Ms. Buffett has traveled around the world from New York and London to China, Kuala Lumpur, Japan and Mexico City as a keynote speaker at some of the world’s most prestigious organizations including (partial list only):

Barclays Bank

The Berkshire Group

Prudential Securities

AAII (American Association of Independent Investors)

Dynamic Mutual Fund

AIC Canada

Analyst PLC London

Harvard Alumni Association

HSM’s The Expo Management for HSBC. Additional speakers for Expo Management were Colin Powell and Paul Krugman

The International Herald Tribune and the London Times “Dawn of a New Decade” as a keynote speaker with Sir Richard Branson

America-China Bridge 3 day seminar in Beijing

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