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Climate Change This Week: China Chokes, Arctic High, and More!

Record-Breaking Fossil Fueled Smog Cripples Large Chinese City reports Katie Valentine at Climate Progress. Soaring pollution levels, 3 times the designated hazardous levels, forced closures of schools and highways, and cancellation of flights. It happened as the city, fueled by dirty coal, turned on its heaters for the winter. Imagine what that day could have been like if the city was fueled by renewable clean energy...


What's wrong with this picture? (One answer: humans created it.) Credit Kyodo News/AP

Big Investors Ask: Are Fossil Fuels a "Carbon Bubble" in Climate Change World? ...where you can't burn the fuel you're spending mucho bucks to find, if catastrophic climate change is to be avoided? It's a question many investors, including Wall Street ones, are starting to ask, reports Katie Valentine at Climate Progress. Al Gore is already urging investors to divest before their "carbon bubble" bursts. It's about time, folks -- what place do fossil fuels have in a world being increasingly harmed by them? A much smaller one.


Even Out-of State Wildfire Smoke Can Make You Sick says a new study by the Natural Resources Defense Council, reports Joanna Foster at Climate Progress. About two-thirds of Americans lived in areas in 2011 exposed to wildfire smoke, linked to asthma, pneumonia, chronic lung and even heart diseases. Under continuing climate change, the forecast for wildfires is: UP. Sigh. And just when we were finally licking the smoking habit....


Most of the US was exposed to wildfire smoke in 2011. Credit NRDC

Amazon Now More Susceptible to Die Out as its dry season is now three weeks longer than 30 years ago says a new study, reports Katie Valentine at Climate Progress. The dry season is the most important factor controlling that ecosystem, which, if it did dry out, would release gargantuan amounts of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, further accelerating warming and climate change. The climate noose tightens, folks...


The Amazon's severe 2005 drought brought water levels way down. Credit AP/Luiz Valencelos

Expect More Tornadoes Under Global Warming indicates a new study, which links warmer Pacific ocean temperatures to an increase in US tornadoes over several decades, reports Cathy Griffin at Science World Report.


Credit NOAA/Steve Tegtmeier

Arctic Temperatures Now Highest In 44,000 To 120,000 Years says a new study, reports Emily Chung at CBC News, well outside the normal range of variability, due to - yes, you guessed it - global warming. Scientists were able to date newly exposed dead mosses that had been covered for that long. Did I mention that we live in abnormal times?


What's the difference between Halloween and Climate Change?
Climate change horrors are real, and worsening...
we're getting close to pumpkin time, Cinderella!


Credit Mary Ellen Harte



☼☼☼ On the Bright Side ☼☼☼


(>(>(> People Speak Out <)>

***** FRACKDOWN 2013 *****

OO Frackdown 2013: Demonstrations Worldwide, Including US - with picture from all over, showing turnouts in at least 200 places in 25 countries.

OO Canada: Mi'kmaq Protests Gain Victory Against Fracking On Their Lands



OO New Brunswick Fracking Protests Are Frontline Of Democratic Fight

OO Thousands Protest In Romania Against Shale Gas


Via ambrablu on Twitter

OO Millions in US Now Live Within One Mile Of A Fracking Well - but many are fighting back against drilling in their towns.

OO Activists Set Up 'Wheel of Misfortune' to Oppose 'Fracking' in Maryland

OO Nuns Argue Fracking Is A Habit We Can't Afford


Nuns against fracking in Varroville, Australia. Credit: Wolter Peeters

OO Media Meteorologist Swears Off Flying To Reduce Carbon Footprint - the climate change he's witnessing is so alarming, and so little is being done, he's focusing on personal actions.

OO Enbridge Line 9 Pipeline Hearing Postponed after Protests

OO Britain Calls For EU To Set Tougher Climate Goal


OO Al Gore Says Keystone XL Is 'Ridiculous'

OO The Grassroots Battle Against Big Oil

OO Keystone Foes Pledge Sit-Ins if Pipeline Advances


What tar sands development does to forests... Via Howl Arts Collective/flickr

OO Ex Chief US Climate Scientist: Honest Carbon Tax, Political Pressure Needed for clean energy transfer and to keep coal and tar sands deposits where they belong - in the ground.

OO UN Climate Chief Says Direct Action 'A Lot More Expensive' Than Pricing Carbon

OO Firm Drops Plan for Gas Drilling in Pennsylvania Amid Opposition


OO California: Climate Leaders Don't Frack - so CA Gov Jerry Brown should not be promoting it for California. Wake up, Jerry!

OO Michigan Trade Group Urges 40% Renewable Power Standard by 2035

OO Surfers Using Bar Talk To Raise Environment Focus


The Surfrider Foundation is home to environmentally active surfers. Recent website screencapture, Credit Mary Ellen Harte.

OO Nebraska Scientists Refuse To Conduct Climate-Denying Study

OO Opponents Blast Wisconsin Bill Scaling Back Frack Sand Mine Rules


OO Wal-Mart Now Draws More Solar Power Than 38 US States

OO How The Department Of Energy Is Working To Reduce The Cost Of Solar By 75 Percent

OO The Radical Right Wing Is Becoming An Unlikely Advocate For Solar Power

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OO Middle-Class Homeowners Are Leading the Rooftop Solar Revolution in US

OO Independence Through Microgrids: When The Power Goes Out, Some Just Go Off Grid

OO Revival Planned for Energy-Efficiency Bill


OO Americans Consumed Less Energy In 2012, Pumped Out Less Carbon Dioxide To Do It

OO Natural Gas, Efficiency Fuel US Carbon Emissions Decline

OO Enviros, Labor Unions Seek Unity to Fight Global Warming, Protect Jobs


OO Eight States Vow 3.3M Zero-Emission Vehicles By 2025

OO West Coast States, B.C., To Align Carbon Reduction Efforts

OO Illinois: Chicago to Make Adding Solar Power Faster, Cheaper


OO Illinois: Exelon, Enviros Agree on State Law Change to Spur Solar in Illinois

OO Maryland: Solar Projects 'More Mainstream' As Costs Fall

OO Michigan: State Regulators Propose New Fracking Rules Due to Environmental, Health Concerns


How about touring this wind turbine? Credit Dennis Schroeder/NREL

OO Meet Michigan's Thriving Wind Turbine Tourism Industry

OO Michigan PACE Program Poised to Double in Size

OO NYC to Fit All Streetlights With Energy-Saving LED Bulbs


OO Wind-Energy Production Up In Ohio

OO Vermont Gov. Wants More Clean Energy in Regional Power Grid


OO Four States With Hidden Solar Growth Markets

OO Smart Meters Will Probably Change Consumer Habits

OO 3 Factors Driving the Marriage of Solar and Energy Storage

OO GTM Research Reveals Top 4 Trends in Residential Solar

☼☼☼ Bright Ideas ☼☼☼

OO Storage as a Service: Stem Offers Customer-Sited Batteries,No Money Down

OO Lessons From The Past Ten Years: Pooled Assets

OO Building Solar Smarts Into the Energy Aware Home


For more news on clean energy, click here.



OO High-Tech Manhole Covers Will Charge Parked Electric Vehicles

OO Solar 'Gardens' Let Communities Share Renewable Power

OO Scientists Use Lego Technology to Make More Efficient Solar Panels


OO A Solar Kickstarter: Training Youth For Solar Jobs

OO Bringing Off-Grid Power To 1.5 Billion: A Cell Phone-Enabled Mini Solar Panel

OO To Expand Offshore Power, Japan Builds Floating Windmills


OO Black Sea, Southeast European Nations Pledge Emissions Cut by 2027

OO VW Calls Germany's 1 Million Electric-Car Goal Achievable

OO IEA Charts Optimistic Future for Wind Energy


Dubai construction of solar park underway. Courtesy, France24

OO Dubai Inaugurates First Phase of Mega Solar Energy Project

OO India's $10B Roadmap for Smart Grid Transformation

OO China To Send Air Pollution Inspection Teams To Provinces


OO Greek Island Pioneers A Solar-Powered Microgrid

OO Nepal Tackles Methane Emissions Through Trash Recycling



The flag flies, May 21, 2013.

At Moore, OK, the day after a huge tornado demolished it.

Credit Major Jon Quinlan/



***** US Climate Change News *****




OO Politicians Pay a Price among Voters For Climate Denialism

OO Expert Warns We're Still Unprepared for Sandy-Like Event

OO Rebuilding Coastlines Could Prove Too Costly, Longterm - why sink billions into something that will be overwhelmed with rising seas?

OO Energy Boom Puts Wells In America's Backyards

OO US Pipeline Regulators Spend More Time With Industry Than Oil Spills, report says.

OO Three Reasons Why Germany Is Kicking Our Arsch on Solar

OO Nobody Bids on Solar Energy Rights on Federal Lands

OO Study: Weatherization Could Save US $33 Billion

OO For Climate Scientists, U.S. Government Shutdown Casts Long Shadow

OO Typical City Office Building Wastes Lots Of Energy indicates a new study.

OO Methane Complicates US Greenhouse Emissions Outlook - inside an overall US decline, fracking states are increasing emissions of the potent greenhouse gas.

OO Keystone XL Pipeline Could Yield $100 Billion for Koch Brothers

☼☼☼Acting Like You Care: The XL Keystone pipeline will make possible far more climate change, but President Obama might okay it anyway. Credo, and others are asking people to stand up and be counted as nonviolent resisters or help in other ways. I did. If you ever wanted to do something big for your future, now's your chance - here.

OO How Major Newspapers Handle Climate Change Deniers

OO If Landowners Get Paid for Wind Turbines, Why Not for Transmission Lines?

OO The Product Of An Oil Boom: Violence, Addiction, And STDs

OO Can Art Help Galvanize Conversation, Even Action, Around Climate Change?

OO Short-Term Gratification Proves an Obstacle to Climate Change Progress

OO Arizona Utility Funds Solar Smear Campaign

OO California: Widespread Offshore Fracking Uncovered, Startles Regulators

OO Will fracking suck California dry?

OO Colorado: Climate Change Will Make Extreme Rainstorm a Lot More Common


Colorado can expect even more extreme flooding under continued climate change. Credit

OO Louisiana: Three Million Pounds of Oil Found on Shore Three Years after BP Spill

OO New York: Proposed Offshore Gas Facility Called 'Threat' To South Shore

OO New York: Rockaways Eye Microgrids as Hurricane Plan

OO North Dakota Recorded 300 Oil Spills In Two Years Without Notifying The Public

OO North Dakota Pipeline Spill Raises Questions Amid State's Oil Boom

OO Midwestern Ethanol Producers Challenge California Global-Warming Regulations


For more, click here.



OO Ohio Trails Midwestern States in Renewable Energy Generation

OO Oklahoma 'Earthquake Swarm' May Be Linked Wastewater Disposal from Fracking

OO South Dakota: USDA to Assist Ranchers Recovering From Blizzard

OO Texas: What's Behind Surging Ozone Pollution?

OO Texas: Everything's Bigger In Texas, Including The Carbon Pollution

OO US, India Dig In Against EU Air Carbon Charge


Via the University of East Anglia Climate Change webpage



Climate Change Round the World >>>>




OO September 2013 4th Warmest on Record Worldwide

OO Global Climate-Change Finance Fell Last Year says study.

OO Global Poor Will Be Affected By Warming Oceans

OO Wind Is 'Effective Carbon-Saver': Study

OO Debunking the U.N. Climate-Change Conspiracy

OO IPCC's 'Carbon Budget' Will Not Drive Climate Talks unfortunately.

OO World Falling Behind Needed Investment In Sustainable Energy

*** Australia's Intense Bushfires ***

OO Australia: Prime Minister Denies 25 Years Of Research Linking Climate Change To Bushfires

OO Australia's Bushfires and the Role of Climate ChangeOO Australian Climate Council Finds 'Clear Link' between Bushfires and Climate Change


Australian bushfire. Credit 80trading24 via wikmedia commons.

OO As Australian Bushfires Heat Up, So Does International Discussion on Climate's Role

OO Australia Bushfires: Pollution Levels Soar 50-Fold

OO Australian Wildfires Put Heat On Its Climate Change Skeptic Prime Minister

OO Australia, U.N. Spar Over Wildfires And Climate Change

OO Australia: Govt Threatens To Close Profitable Green Investment Bank


OO Sweden: Extreme Heat Doubled Heat Related Deaths in past 30 years.

OO UK: Universities Urged to Cut Fossil Fuel Ties

OO Scotland To Create 'Buffer Zones' For Shale Gas, Onshore Oil Extraction

OO Half of Scots Fear 'Extreme Weather' More Than Terrorism


OO Canada: Five Months After Tar Sands Leaks Reported, Company Ordered To Find Cause

OO Canada: Quebec Train Wreck Caused Even Larger Oil Spill Than First Thought

OO Canada: Alberta Oil Train Derails, Renews Fears About Oil By Rail


Alberta's fossil fuel processing center, aka known to some locals as 'Cancer Alley'. Photo credit: Isobel Simpson/University of California-Irvine.

OO Canada: Alberta's Oil Legacy- Bad Air And Rare Cancers

OO Canada: Shale Oil Kills Cows

OO Canada Admits Falling Far Short Of Emissions Reduction Target

OO Brazilian Police Investigating Oil Spill on Paranoá Lake

OO Africa: Angola 'In Denial' Over Impact Of Severe Drought

OO Africa Faces Water Crisis Despite Discovery Of Huge Aquifers


Credit Rhett Butler,

OO Indonesia's Carbon-Storing Forests Are Shrinking Despite Reforms

OO 'Sustainable' Tropical Timber Not Sustainable says new report.

OO Brazil: Illegal Logging Of Carbon-Storing Forests Remains Rampant

OO Thai Floods Force Closure Of 17 Factories In Industrial Zone

OO Thailand Suffers Worst Dengue Epidemic In 20+ Years, Climate A Factor

OO Climate Change Aids Toxic Slime's Advance


Ten Global Warming Indicators. Credit NOAA

(((((((( Seeking the Science ))))))))




OO Amazon Is 'At Higher Risk Of Tree Loss' Than Previously Thought


Losing the Amazon will also mean an incredible loss of important biodiversity. Credit: Rhett Butler,

OO Pollution, Climate Making Algae Blooms More Toxic

OO Acidification Of Oceans Threatens To Change Entire Marine Ecosystem

OO Carcinogens Emitted From Canada's Main Fossil Fuel Hub study says.

OO New Method Could Provide Heat Wave Early Warnings

OO British Forests Under New Threat From Pests

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@@ Elsi Strong - powerful youtuber on how native Canadians faced down the Candian govt over fracking.... and won (see frackdown section, above).

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