07/02/2010 01:40 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Overcoming Diversity: Liza on HSN

Some people overcome adversity and triumph through life's peaks and valleys.  But Liza Minnelli showed her unique flair once again by overcoming diversity by appearing on HSN (Home Shopping Network.)  Yes, a well meaning caller actually commended Liza for overcoming diversity.  It can be done.  I mean really, isn't it the  raison d'etre of HSN to overcome diversity?  Ever, the gracious host, Liza simply thanked her.   Although it may not have been her finest moment, I did think Liza's appearance on HSN was much better than regular programming like the alleged "America's Got Talent" or the New Jersey Housewives chasing each other through a so called "country club." And who can forget the hair pulling on the Real Housewives of Atlanta?   In the land of reality TV where people now throw ham at each other for entertainment, Liza was a refreshing change.  She overcame the diversity of regular programming and continual Housewives cat fighting on Bravo.

I found some of her fashion bon mots priceless.  Especially when the HSN host asked about piling on a stack of bangles on the wrist, and Liza said, "No, one will do."  Simplicity in fashion is important.  Some of my favorite Liza-isms  from the show:

"Wrap your sequin dress in tissue paper, so that the sequins don't rub together and come loose."  

"You don't have to sell it, it sells you" (on the Liza collection velvet jumpsuit and sequin jacket.)

"The women should wear the dress, it doesn't wear you." 

"Instead of socking everything in, you put on this, and you do what you want to do."