A Mother's Day Wish for Special Needs Moms

05/08/2015 11:17 am ET | Updated May 08, 2016

What I WISH I could give all the special needs mamas for Mother's Day:

  • An advocate to help you obtain an accommodations list and service delivery grid filled with all the help you wish for your child.

  • A personal insurance representative to obtain coverage for the medications and services your child needs.
  • A secretary to take the unsettling phone calls from school.
  • A private chauffeur to and from therapy and doctor appointments.
  • An OT to create a sensory gym in your basement.
  • A SLP to help your child tell you what he needs throughout the day.
  • A professional organizer to file the pounds of paperwork.
  • A private tutor who handles homework meltdowns.
  • A housekeeper who knows what things to pick up and what carefully crafted creations to LEAVE AS IS.
  • A private chef who know that brown marks and green herbs are an absolute NO.
  • A personal stylist who creates a tagless and sensory friendly wardrobe for your child.
  • What I CAN give all the special needs mamas for Mother's Day:

    • The recognition and admiration that you, my friend, are ALL these things. You are all of this AND the most important thing of all, love.

  • So this Mother's Day I give you permission to be proud of all you are.
  • Permission to say no.
  • Permission to feel -- to laugh, to cry. To not hold it together for anyone.
  • Permission to wear a superhero cape ALL DAY.
  • Permission to cut yourself some slack.
  • Permission to let five other people attempt to do your one job.
  • Permission to rest.
  • Permission to stop feeling guilty that you haven't done enough, because you have done more than you could imagine.
  • Happy Mother's Day amazing mamas! Today we celebrate YOU. You have made a profound difference in the life of a child.


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