Weekly Roundup of eBay Vintage Clothing Finds (PHOTOS)

12/23/2011 10:50 am ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

No time to page through thousands of eBay listings? Then just sneak a peek at my weekly eBay roundup of top vintage clothing finds.

This eclectic mix of designer and non-designer vintage clothing and accessories caught my discerning eye because of its uniqueness, contemporary feel and highly collectible nature.

As always, buyer beware! Be sure to read the listings closely and contact the sellers with any questions.

This week's selections include pieces by Bill Blass, Byblos, YSL, Lanvin and Gerda Lynggaard. Be sure to check out the collectible Pucci uniform for Braniff Airlines and the gorgeous 1928 Elgin diamond and sapphire watch.

Which item is your favorite? Leave me a comment below to let me know and please take a minute to rate your favorite slides.

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PLEASE NOTE that Zuburbia does not endorse the use of fur, feathers, leather or animal skins in fashion. These selections are offered only as more thoughtful and eco-friendly alternatives for contemporary fashionistas who have not yet eliminated animal products from their wardrobes.

DISCLOSURE: Editorial selections are made by Zuburbia with no direct promotional consideration from eBay sellers but Zuburbia is an affiliate member of the eBay Partner Network.


Weekly Roundup of eBay Vintage Clothing Finds