03/07/2009 02:21 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Letters to Obama: The Stimulus Plan

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By sangvind

Dear President Obama;

I would first like to say that you are a great American. You're a true Believer, strong in your convictions and willing to stand up for your beliefs and take action no matter what the cost. I admire your courage and your desire to lift up those who are unable to carry their heavy burdens in life. I see your desire to bring the world together in understanding and protect the vulnerable the uneducated the homeless, hopeless people of inner city ghettos.

I've thought long and hard about your stimulus plan and budget. As an uninsured, independent business owner approaching 61, I suppose I should be thrilled to see all the new and expanded social programs. However, as a father and grandfather, I worry. Personally I would rather work the rest of my life than burden my children with debt before they have a chance to experience the freedoms I enjoyed as a young man.

I was forced to see a doctor a few years ago about some pain that I was having in my right leg. After a short exam and a few questions, he informed me that I was suffering from sciatica. There was pressure being placed on my sciatic nerve. He went on to explain how the nerve in my back was surrounded by protective muscle tissue, that whenever the nerve was threatened it would send a message to the brain in the form of pain, the brain would in turn send a message to the protective muscle to contract around the nerve and protect it from damage. As the muscle contracts around the nerve tighter and tighter, a vicious circle occurs. The nerve cries out in pain, and the brain continues to call for protection. Without drug therapy and proper exercise, they will die and I would experience numbness in my feet. My brain didn't want to kill the nerves in my back, only protect them. Nevertheless, the damage will occur.

Is it possible that government is acting like the human brain, trying to protect, not seeing that the muscles (taxes) are squeezing the life out of small businesses and families, while chasing larger businesses offshore and taking valuable jobs with them?

I feel our country is falling victim to internal forces that will, if not tended to, rip the heart from her chest. Greed, envy, power, jealousy, vanity, arrogance, and gluttony. I see and hear them every day. People buying expensive cars and homes they can't afford, keeping up appearances, impressing friends, and Government officials not living to the ethical standards that they expect of others.

It is my sincere hope that you have considered all the ramifications of your bold actions.
My prayers go with you and all my fellow citizens. 

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