03/31/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Letters to Obama

All eyes are on President Obama, watching to see how the First 100 Days roll out. He has a tremendous job to do. We all have opinions, ideas,  skepticism and suggestions about how to set the country down the path to prosperity again. And Letters to Obama, such as this one by Arlijohn, remind us of the importance of having our voices heard.

Dear Mr. President,

I have been receiving some criticism lately because of my support for you. I would like to tell my detractors some of the reasons I believe in your presidency. I would also like you to read this so that when the dark days get you down you can read my letter to remember why you're here.

1. You represent someone who isn't from one of the established hierarchies that permeate our political scene these days. It is so refreshing to have someone elected for his perceived abilities rather than his family connections or family wealth.

2. You have inspired young people to get involved in their government again. Like the rest of us, the young people in this country resent not being considered as an asset to our society, you have reached out to them and given them hope.

3. You have shown us we are all Americans, no matter what we look like or our family's point of origin.

4. You are the best advertisement for getting an education we could ever hope to have. Coming from your circumstances to Harvard and now the Presidency is an achievement that will be inspirational to new generations of Americans.

5. You are reaching out to people trying to draw in new perspectives and ways of doing what needs to be done. Our bureaucracies in this country are stagnating. I am hoping your youthful approach will infuse renewed vigor and new solutions.

6. You've got a great woman by your side. Your wife is a credit to women. A working wife, an affectionate mother, and a caring individual.

7. Energy. You exude energy. Don't know if it's really who you are but what an admirable change.

8. You're not hiding from the people. Everyone says too much exposure but I like a president who speaks to me, the taxpayer.

Mr. President, you can't win every battle. Not everything is easily won or should be won. I'm thankful though that we in this country have such an intelligent, thought-provoking individual to stand up and speak for us, the people.

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