04/17/2008 02:41 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Okay, Now I'm Bitter

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I sat down last night with a big fat glass of wine, all excited about watching the first Democratic debate in weeks, absolutely certain that I would get the chance to hear what Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had to say about the latest headlines.

After all, it has been a quite a week for news.

In Iraq, we've seen a rebound in suicide bombings and gotten the disquieting information that Iraqi soldiers have been fleeing the battlefield in frightening numbers.

Americans learned that detailed discussions of torture techniques had been held in the White House -- our White House -- and President Bush revealed that he knew this and approved.

Foreclosure rates have spiked to frightening levels.

U.S. shoppers were told that food prices in this country are rising at a higher pace than at any time in the past 17 years.

The airline industry floundered through dreadful days of groundings, amidst safety concerns, economic ailments and passenger anger.

Oil prices are setting new records almost every day and $4 a gallon gas is coming soon to a service station near you.

The anguish over China's human rights record and its handling of Tibet turned the Olympic torch relay into a cross between Spain's Running of the Bulls and 3rd grade keep-away.

John McCain, acting like a mean old man trying to chase those pesky voters off his lawn, refused to endorse a new GI bill that would help those currently serving our country get a college education.

The Supreme Court issued a fractured opinion on the death penalty that for the first time in years raises the real possibility of a national debate on the value and morality of the ultimate punishment.

And we are in the middle of what is clearly the most important, most consequential election of my lifetime -- and I'm no spring chicken.

Instead, I sat in front of my TV open-mouthed, listening to a hodgepodge of juvenile questions about flag jewelry, the possibility of a "dream" ticket, elderly radicals, Charlie Gibson's personal tax concerns and ministers who emote too much. What, no time for a question about Cindy McCain's purloined pork chop recipe?

Excuse me, but why are we spending this much time on topics that amount to little more than political lint?

Regarding Obama's longtime pastor, since when does making a personal choice to remain close to someone who has let you down become a permanent liability? Hmm, Hillary?

As for Clinton's refusal to be a good girl and give up, since when did continuing to fight for your political life become some kind of profound character flaw? That is simply what politicians do.

And ABC -- God love you for breaking the torture debate in the White House story -- but why on earth didn't you ask the candidates about it -- or about much else that mattered?

What the heck has happened?

Just a few weeks ago, Democrats were all beaming with the belief that this election was really going to be different. Turnout was spectacular, the candidates were talking about issues that mattered and Americans were upbeat and believing in politics again.

Now it seems the unending Democratic campaign has descended into a nightmarish rolling rant about bitterness, beer, bowling and who is or isn't a bitch.

In fact, this whole thing has made me a little bitchy.

I want a rebate on the debate. I want to see someone ask a question of consequence. I want Pennsylvania to vote now. I want to turn on the TV and not see Pat Buchanan's head in a little box.

I want my life back.

This political junkie has just about had her fill of political junk food. I'll come back when there is something more substantial on the table. Until then, I guess I'll just cling to my guns, my religion and my long-ignored need to improve my bowling scores.

Because this whole presidential campaign thing has gone into the gutter.

Read more reactions from Huffington Post bloggers to ABC's Pennsylvania Democratic debate