10/07/2013 04:46 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Marriage Delayed in New Jersey (VIDEO)

Opponents of marriage equality are turning to last-ditch efforts to try to stop couples from marrying. This week it's New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie trying to derail the marriage train, but his chances of success are slim.

Two weeks ago a New Jersey court ordered the state to begin issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples on Oct. 21. Christie, for his part, has vowed to appeal that ruling. And he's asked the courts to delay the start of marriages until he has time to have his appeal heard.

That means that couples who were planning on marrying later this month may have to wait a few months more -- or maybe even longer, depending on how much longer Christie is able to stall.

But there's also some good news this week: More major surveys show a trend of growing public support for marriage, both in individual states and nationally.


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