07/09/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Wall-E -- How a Robot and Music Make Us Human

It's the music in the new Pixar Disney film Wall-E that made such an impact on me. The film opens with an excerpt of "Put On Your Sunday Clothes" sung by Michael Crawford from the movie musical Hello Dolly and it becomes Wall-E's leitmotif as he spends the next two hours searching for love and friendship in a trash filled future Earth. It's this song and the clip from the film that reminds Wall-E about life before trash took over the planet and represents his longing to connect to someone else. Who would of thought that this movie musical could resonate so loudly to Wall-E and therefore to us. As a viewer you immediately connect to Wall-E's plight as he does some of the same dance moves using a hub cap in lieu of a straw hat. When he meets Eve, a probe sent to find life on Earth, he brings her back to his home and it's another musical number that makes his case for finding true love. This time it's "It Only Takes A Moment" again from Hello Dolly and again sung by Michael Crawford. All Wall-E wants to do is hold EVE's hand and that's amplified even further as it plays out with the couple in Hello Dolly.

It's the music along with the amazing Pixar animation that makes you want to connect to this little trash compacter. Maybe this tells us a little something about the power of music and the power of nostalgia. When they are combined with a great story and terrific animation it makes for amazing movie making. You also get to hear "La Vie En Rose" by Louis Armstrong and a new track from Peter Gabriel closes the movie, but I think it's that opening number that will stick with me the most.

"... and we won't come back until we kiss a girl" and does Wall-E? I won't tell. Go see it for yourself.