02/01/2008 01:23 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Microsoft, Yahoo and the End of Antitrust

The total lack of interest in antitrust considerations is what jumps out at me this morning. If the Justice Department's antitrust division was alive, we'd at least be wondering this morning if they'd give the deal their blessing. To the extent there's any concern at all, it's about the European Union and its antitrust case against Microsoft and Internet Explorer being bundled with Windows. (Sounds almost quaint these days.) I don't see the antitrust problem off hand. Yahoo is internet and Microsoft dumped Expedia and is backing out of MSNBC so it's not like it has a huge e-commerce component even with its stake in Facebook or Double Click purchase. But the fact that no one cares shows how far we've come from the days of Joel Klein and Clinton's antitrust team. Yes, DOJ, when asked, this morning said, through a spokesperson, that they were "interested" in the effects of the merger. But does anyone think Michael Mukasey and DOJ will derail this deal?

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