11/10/2007 04:46 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

And Now, the Economy: What's Left for Bush to Ruin?

In the disastrous seven years of the worst President ever, his defenders had said that the economy is going well, and this shows that the President is doing a fine job.

Who are these defenders? The 33% who approve of the job this President is doing. Yes, there are 33% of the people who approve of George W.'s job performance. Don't you wish you worked for these people? "Tommy, you forgot to fill your orders this month, all of the clients hate you, and our profits are shrinking. I'm giving you a 20% raise!"

You may wonder if the President could do anything to make these people say, "You know what? Maybe this Presidency thing isn't for W."

The 33% of the people who support Bush - I can guarantee you that these people have a very narrow self interest: their wallets.

But the tanking economy means that the President's constituency, the very wealthy, is in for a world of hurt. The terrible housing market does not spare anyone, no matter how many houses you have, and the situation is not going to get better for many years. The President can no longer count on the rich to defend him; they've abandoned the sinking yacht.

The economy is on a straight line toward recession. And you know how this President reacts when he sees trouble looming. He heads right for it.

With the economy in a heap of trouble, it now appears as if Hurricane Bush will finish his term having absolutely decimated everything in his path.

Let's take a look at the record:

Budget Deficit - We're almost $9 trillion in debt. We went from budget surplus under President Clinton to deficits as far as the eye can see under President Bush.

Health Care - More than 40 million Americans are without health care. Bush vetoes bill that would give more children health insurance.

Foreign Relations - What do you think? Iraq was a disaster. Afghanistan was in the win column, but we pulled troops and weapons from there and put them in Iraq. Now Afghanistan is teetering. In Pakistan, we support Musharraf and not the Pakistani people; now we may the price. Iran is bellicose. The world viewed us as its great friend six years ago, and now views us as a big threat.

How about food safety? Between 2003 and 2007, the FDA food safety inspections have dropped by 47%.

What about those toys coming in from China? Guess what? The President has used the Consumer Products Safety Commission to help big business and not the people. I know, what a surprise. The CPSC has few than half the number of staffers it had in the 1970's. Nancy Nord, acting chairwoman of the agency, goes on trips funded by the industries she's supposed to regulate. There's one full time toy tester.

FEMA - You think that gutting an agency and hiring friends who work in the horse jumping business does not impact your life? FEMA went from a model of government efficiency under President Clinton a model of inefficiency under President Bush. Now look at New Orleans.

Should I go on? Is there any area left for President Bush to work his harmful ways? You tell me.