11/07/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Media Must Not Cover Palin Until She Holds a Press Conference

I know I'm supposed to talk about the debate today, but I could not help but notice that the McCain campaign is still embarrassed by Sarah Palin. That's why she's campaigning in Texas, not a contested state, and California, a huge loser for the Republicans. Do you see Sarah Palin in a battleground area, say, Ohio or Pennsylvania?

Of course not, because the McCain campaign still lives in fear of Palin saying the wrong thing in a place where it may matter. So Palin continues to regurgitate what's handed to her by the campaign, and the fanatics she attracts eat it up; they eat it up and they are still hungry for more. For the zealots, it's not enough to say Obama pals around with a terrorist. They shout that Obama is a terrorist! There's no place to go that's too far when you're talking to the fringes of society. Obama's a lesbian! is right around the corner.

But Palin gets media coverage, and this baffles me. Why cover Palin if the media cannot speak to her? Why cover her if, as is now the case, the media are not allowed to talk to her supporters?

This is ridiculous. It's out of hand. And the media that continue to cover Palin's repetition of talking points are the enablers of a McCain-Palin regime that embraces the tactics used in China.

No talking to the VP candidate. No asking her views. We'll let you in the press know what you can say about Palin.

Jeez, I did a three minute segment on Fox News last week that was more of a back and forth than Palin has done since she became the nominee!

Andrew Sullivan was the first to talk about Palin's failure to hold a press conference, but I thought the McCain campaign would allow Palin to do a press conference at some point. They have not.

The press needs to stand up, not just for itself, not just for the right of a free press, but for the people. This isn't about the McCain campaigns' need to hide Palin. This is about the possibility of a future president who refuses to hold a press conference.

This is about a possible future President who hides in plain sight.

This is about democracy and our right to know and to hear from a candidate, unfiltered.

The press needs to grow up, and say, "We're not going to take it anymore." You know what, some conservatives may get pissed. Too bad. Stand up for what's right.

Follow the lead of Campbell Brown on CNN - there's a person who, regardless of her views (she's married to Dan Senor, who was Coalition spokesperson in Iraq), is outraged by the McCain camp's treatment of Palin. Why is she the only non-partisan media person speaking out?

No more Palin until Palin stands in front of a podium and gives a press conference.