The Bradley Effect? No Chance

11/30/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Let me make a prediction: The polls will close a bit in the next few days. And then, on Election Day, Senator Obama will win by more than the polls show.

Here's another prediction: Undecideds - about 7% of the electorate still - will break for Obama. Why? Because this election has been about whether or not people feel comfortable with Senator Obama. And here's the news: people are feeling comfortable with Obama. They feel more comfortable with Obama than they do with McCain and Sarah Palin.

Come Tuesday, people on the fence will decide, "I actually do feel okay with this guy."

I cannot tell you how many Democrats have said to me, "Yeah, he's ahead now, but..."

People: There is no but. There are crazies out there, yes. I did a debate the other night as an Obama surrogate, and you cannot imagine what I encountered. But (well, there is a but) those people are McCain supporters and would be McCain supporters no matter what.

I do not believe people are hiding their vote. Maybe a few, sure, but not enough that it will make any sort of difference.

How do I know this? How can I be so sure? Like McCain, I go with my gut.

You may say I'm crazy, but folks, look up my record: I pushed Joe Biden for VP in May. I said there would be no "October Surprise" a few weeks ago.

I'm two for two.

If I'm wrong on this one, I know you'll let me know - but I'm not going to be wrong. The Obama victory on Tuesday is going to be bigger than the polls suggest.

Democrats, it is okay to say we are going to win. You know, when you watch a baseball game and a pitcher has a no-hitter, at about the seventh inning, no one in the dugout talks to the pitcher, because they do not want to jinx him. That's the Democrats right now - they don't even want to talk to each other about winning.

Well, the Democrats are going to win. It's going to be a big victory. It's going to be great. Enjoy this time - many of us have not been alive for a moment like this.