07/13/2012 06:44 pm ET | Updated Sep 12, 2012

Taye Diggs' Hilarious Harvard Interview

When Taye Diggs walked into the Harvard Graduate School of Education's Longfellow Hall, he was likely expecting a fairly typical interview. Promoting his new children's book, Chocolate Me!, with illustrator and friend Shane Evans, Diggs (nor myself) could really have anticipated what happened next on the season finale of the popular education show, The Harvard EdCast.

Below is a link to the full audio podcast of this special interview, which involves singing, yelling, laughing, joking, rapping and reminiscing. If you are a fan of children's books and the writing process, you will enjoy the beginning. If you love hearing literary works "performed" by their creators, skip forward to the middle. If you are a fan of experiencing Harvard's watered-down version of punk'ing Taye Diggs, then the last two minutes is for you.

Enjoy 15-minutes with Taye Diggs and Shane Evans, two of the nicest and most fun men I've ever interviewed:

Download this episode on Harvard iTunesU: Taye Diggs This Children's Book (and so do we)

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