06/17/2011 03:15 pm ET | Updated Aug 17, 2011

The Best Late Night Clips of the Week (VIDEO/PHOTOS)

This week kicked off with a much better-than-average Tony Awards (thanks to Neil Patrick Harris, The Book of Mormon and Lin-Manuel Miranda) and a very entertaining Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire (despite the lack of Sarah Palin).

The ongoing speculation about Anthony Weiner's fate persisted all week (from Barack Obama, Bill Maher and Nancy Pelosi among others) and until he finally resigned for good on Thursday afternoon. Weiner's timing was clearly calculated as Jon Stewart was already planning to take the night off. We'll just have to wait until next week to see how he handles the news.

In the meantime, below are my favorite late night clips of the week. What were yours?

The Best Late Night Clips of the Week (June 10, 2011 - June 16, 2011)

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