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Matt Wilstein

Matt Wilstein


The Best Late Night Clips of the Week: Weinergate Edition (VIDEO)

Posted: 06/ 3/11 03:24 PM ET

Despite valiant efforts from Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and Mitt Romney this past week, no one was able to steal the spotlight from Congressman Anthony Weiner. At this point, nobody seems to know with "certitude" if the junk shot in question belongs to Representative Weiner or if his his Twitter account really was hacked. Either way, the semi-scandal provided some of the most solid material the late night hosts have had to work with in weeks.

Bill Maher On Dems' Equipment
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Bill Maher spends most of his monologue talking about Weinergate, saying that "they know it's a Democrat's penis, because it won't stand up." [WATCH VIDEO]
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