Top 5 Funniest Videos of the Week (via Gotcha Media)

07/26/2010 05:18 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Funny or Die kicks off this week in funny videos with their gritty look at the world of Brostitutes, with Tim Roth as the de facto bro-pimp. Too bad this isn't real. I know some unemployed bros who would excel at it.

Next up, the YouTube genius who brought us "George," a re-cut Seinfeld trailer recasting George Costanza as a tragic hero who had to face the death of his fiancee, is back with "Serenity Now." This new trailer re-imagines Seinfeld as a thriller where evil Newman has framed innocent Kramer. Well done.

The Onion News Network's contribution this week is a video about Jennifer Aniston adopting an African boyfriend. When I first spotted this headline on someone else's Twitter feed, I thought it could actually be a real, tongue-in-cheek item. No such luck, but this is very funny.

The hands-down winner video of the week (also via Funny or Die) was the long-awaited second episode of "MA Men", the Mad Men parody that brings us deep into the heart of a modern Boston ad agency. In this episode, the team comes up with some inventive ways to replace the "time to make the donuts" Dunkin' Donuts guy.

Finally, South Carolina's mysterious Democratic Senate candidate Alvin Greene continues to produce the most ridiculous political moments of the year. This week, an "official" Alvin Greene rap video emerged. While the New York Times insisted that Greene's campaign made the video, CNN tracked down the true creator, Jay Friedman. But of course, Greene endorsed the video declaring, "It sounds good. Make sure everybody hears it." You got it, Alvin.

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